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    • It's a S2 upgrade for Justin Garcia! Congratulations... next, radar!
    • Interesting conundrum. The point of the Flying Circus is not to create a huge rules-based organization, but to just create a way of finding eager pilots who want to help controller training. In my vision, the target would be primarily GA aircraft flying a cross-section of VFR missions, such as circuits, local training/sightseeing flights, or even VFR cross countries. Helicopters would also be a welcome diversion. I don't want to say you can't fly VFR in a 767, but the goal is to challenge controllers with slower GA aircraft. They see plenty of airliner traffic in most cases.
    • I'm guessing you'll get a lot of interest, partly because of the VFR experience in MSFS2000. Are there any restrictions on acceptable VFR flights? For example, are VFR circuits at 2000ft QFE in a B767 with a private Canadian registration acceptable?  
    • Hello Pilots! There has been some discussion lately of resurrecting the Flying Circus.   The Flying Circus was an organization that existed about 10 years ago here on VATSIM. Their job was to provide VFR flights specifically targeted at airports where controllers were training to provide them with some VFR practice (which is usually the areas where controllers are weakest, as these flights are relatively rare on VATSIM).   To be a member of the Flying Circus, there are very few requirements. Just the ability to fly and some knowledge of VFR procedures (even just flying circuits helps our students). Members can be solely pilots or controllers who wish to help their comrades learn.   The most likely form this group will take is basically a mailing list. Instructors will post requests for the Flying Circus (possibly through the VATCAN Discord) to attend, and anyone who is free and willing to help out can log on and perform some circuits or other VFR flying to help provide the needed traffic. Please note that this is intended as a national organization. Members should be willing to fly in any FIR, not just their home FIR. The idea is to get a list of pilots who are willing to help out when required. (No minimum participation is required - just fly when you can.)   If this idea sounds interesting to you, please drop a reply to this post and follow this post. We will try to organize an easy method of communication for instructors to send and pilots to receive notice of training.   Rob
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