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    • Dear VATCAN Controllers,


      NavCanada recently issued an Aeronautical Information Circular that all controllers should be aware of: AIC 12/21 https://www.navcanada.ca/en/5aic_eng_2021_12.pdf


      To summarize, due to operational irregularities that have occurred, controllers cannot create a transition from an open STAR to an RNAV Approach.

      (An open STAR is any STAR that does not share a common waypoint with an IFR approach procedure, but usually ends with either a vector or a hold.)


      If there is no common waypoint between the approach and the STAR, the controller MUST VECTOR the aircraft towards the final approach course.


      As an example, consider an aircraft on the DISCO arrival for CYYJ (Victoria, BC). (All diagrams are posted below.) If the aircraft is planning an ILS to 09, there is no transition point to the ILS 09 that is on the STAR, so the controller MUST vector the airplane to final. Conversely, if the aircraft is planning ILS to 27, LAFFO is on the ILS 27 and thus a controller may clear the aircraft "Cleared ILS Rwy 27, LAFFO transition."

      Example of what is not permitted: "After OMINU, direct BRANY, cleared ILS 09." This transition must be made using vectors.


      By contrast, many airports are now publishing transitions to the approach, such as CYWG (Winnipeg, MB). If an aircraft is on the BEFAN2 for the ILS 36, note that the waypoint BOTUR is on both procedures, the STAR and the approach. Therefore, a controller can clear an aircraft "Cleared ILS Z Rwy 36, BOTUR transition."


      Basically, we cannot create transitions that have not been published.


      (Another further aside, and one of the reasons we can't do this, is that turns made at a fix using RNAV cannot exceed 90degrees, whether published or controller made. We cannot issue a direct-to a fix that would require an aircraft to make a greater than 90degree turn to join the next leg of the flight plan or instrument procedure. Published procedure turns and Radius-To-Fix legs are exempt from this limit as they are specifically evaluated for their turn radius.)


      I hope I made this explanation fairly clear. please feel free to ask questions if something does not make sense.



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    • Hello all,

      Welcome to the new VATCAN forum! If you notice anything missing, or out of place, please reach out. We hope you have a look around, and have fun with some of the new functionality!
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    • Facility Engineer    The Moncton/Gander (CZQM) FIR is currently seeking a professional individual for the Facility Engineer (FE) position.  The selected applicant will promote and support the FIR region through planning and development of facility software.  Reports to: Moncton/Gander FIR Chief and the VATCAN  Executive Team  Responsibilities:   Meeting the goals of the FIR with the development and publication of regular facility engineering software and documentation.   Coordinating with VATCAN  and other FIR’s with development of software and technical strategies for large events and existing letters of agreement.  Development of sector files with both GNG – Aeronav and local implementation.   Maintaining monthly AIRAC updates and continuous review of sector file accuracy.  The FE will attend regular staff meetings and report directly to the FIR Chief or his delegate.  The FE will obtain approval from the FIR Chief for the publication of new or evolving software implementations.   Being on the front line to assist members in installing and trouble-shooting their software installations such as Euroscope, Audio for VATSIM and ATIS.  Requirements:  •    The FE will have knowledge of the region, members, and activities.  •    Maintain an active online presence within the FIR and on the VATSIM Network, in accordance with the CZQM/CZQX Standard Operating Procedures.  •    Be in good standing on the VATSIM Network.  •    Be a member of the CZQM/CZQX FIR, or have the willingness, dedication and ability to transfer to the FIR.   •    Skilled with editing software such as Subline or Notepad++.    Benefits:  •    The selected applicant will hold a staff position within the CZQM/CZQX FIR.  •    A staff position is considered an excellent starting point when working towards building a VATSIM portfolio.  •    The selected applicant will hold a czqm.ca email address.  •    Being part of the CZQM Staff management team and building your knowledge and experience in a versatile environment.  How to Apply:  Applicants must write to the FIR Chief of the Moncton/Gander FIR.  In your email to the FIR Chief, please include a brief about yourself, examples of any work that you have developed and your expected commitment to the position.  As part of the demonstratable team effort, your application will be shared with current staff for their input and suggestion.  Applications should be submitted to the FIR Chief (firchief@czqm.ca).  Applications will be open until March 25th 2023 23:59z.   - Updated Jagard Strong  Interim FIR Chief  © Copyright 2009-2023 Moncton/Gander FIR®. All Rights Reserved.    Follow us on:      
    • Thanks to everyone who applied. Josh and I will be meeting to discuss the applications next week, and reach out to applicants within the following week.    
    • Très gentil de ta part George! 
    • Merci pour les bons mots - je vais certainement travailler dans ce sens!
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