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    Name: [OTS] CYWG_TWR (S2) for Justin Garcia Description: It's OTS time in Winnipeg for Justin! Help him earn his S2 rating by flying in and out of CYWG or CYAV - IFR and VFR welcome! Good luck! Start: 2021-04-22 at 16:00z End: 2021-04-22 at 17:00z
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    [OTS] Cameron Weber - S2

    Name: [OTS] Cameron Weber - S2 Description: EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Cameron Weber attempts S2 OTS! Many planes needed for help him pass! Come fly! Bring your friends! IFR! VFR! Helicopters! Gliders! Skydivers! Seaplanes! ...okay maybe not the last few. See you there! Start: 2021-04-19 at 23:00z End: 2021-04-20 at 01:00z
  5. Version 2.0.1: Bugs Fixed: Fixed validation on exams, users can no longer take exams that don't have options for multiple choice questions. Fixed training notes not showing whitespace (any notes that were posted before this update that had line breaks should show normally) Exams (in the exam management page) will now be sorted by FIR. Documents will now be sorted by FIR. Fixed Navbar "About Us" page not having a link. Changed Exam Question Textbox to a text area (more width). Improvements: Members who self-assign the Basic ATC Exam will
  6. Hello all, This forum will be used for noting changes made to the website. We will likely only post here for each release (quick fixes won't have their own threads) with a list of features/changes. Major changes/upgrades will be announced via other mediums aswell if necessary (Discord, email, etc).
  7. Congratulation! Looking forward to some great events between our FIR's
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  9. All, The Montreal FIR welcomes Yanis Sauvé to the role of Deputy FIR Chief. Yanis has been a member of the Montreal FIR for 14 years now, and I believe he's the best candidate anyone could ask for this position. He has also been one of our instructors since December. His dedication and desire for continuous improvement make him a great addition to the group. Welcome to the team Yanis! À tous, La FIR de Montréal accueille Yanis Sauvé au poste de chef de FIR adjoint.
  10. VATCAN

    Honk! 2

    Name: Honk! 2 Description: Honk! Get your groove on with this year's feature of the Honk! FNO. We're getting down and boogeying at a whole flock of airports this time: Baltimore (KBWI), Detroit (KDTW), Boston (KBOS), Philly (KPHL), Toronto (CYYZ), Montreal (CYUL), and Halifax (CYHZ). Start: 2021-05-29 at 23:00z End: 2021-05-30 at 03:00z Departure Airports: CYUL CYYZ CYHZ KBWI KDTW KBOS KPHL Arrival Airports: CYUL CYYZ CYHZ KBWI KDTW KBOS KPHL
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    Name: The Second best Airports Crossfire [CYEG - KPDX] Description: We know that portland and Edmonton are the second best airports in our airspaces, and we know you want to fly out of the other airports BUT lets not! On May 2nd between 2100z and 0100z both KPDX and CYEG will be staffed! So come out and see the second best airports, and dont fly out of the firsts because we will be very upset! Routes: - CYEG - KPDX: UKRAM Q957 RIGAD DCT DUMRA Q890 ROPLA DCT 49N15 DCT KS15K DCT CUTAS DCT JORAD HHOOD4 - KPDX - CYEG: LAVAA6 PDT DCT ATOKE DCT MLP DCT DORSE DCT IPTAN Q931 OT
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    Name: Montreal Monthly | Montreal-Bradley Crossfire Description: Montreal FIR and Boston ARTCC are teaming up for a Cross-Border Crossfire event during the latest installment of Montreal's Monthly event series. Take advantage of the continuous ATC Coverage between Montreal (CYUL) and Bradley (KBDL) airports and transit the border in your favorite aircraft. Event starts at 7pm ET (2359Z) and will end at 11pm ET (0400Z) on May 11th. Start: 2021-05-11 at 07:00z End: 2021-05-11 at 23:00z Departure Airports: CYUL KBDL Arrival Airports: CYUL KBDL
  13. All, I would like to welcome Guillaume Thérien to the role of Montreal Event Coordinator. Guillaume joins the team with event management experience as his real-world job. Welcome aboard Guillaume! À tous, J'aimerais souhaiter la bienvenue à Guillaume Thérien au poste de coordonnateur des évènements. Guillaume se joint à l'équipe avec une bonne expérience en gestion d'évènements, étant dans le domaine dans son travail réel. Bienvenue à bord Guillaume!
  14. Congratulations to our newest S2 controller, Bosco! Well done!
  15. VATCAN

    Moncton Monday [04/26]

    Name: Moncton Monday [04/26] Description: Moncton Monday is VATCAN’s longest running weekly event, providing full-coverage ATC every Monday night, beginning at 23h00z, encompassing over six terminal controlled airports, and dozens of smaller fields. Each Monday, airports including Halifax (CYHZ), Moncton (CYQM), St. John’s (CYYT), and Gander (CYQX), will be staffed from top to bottom, in a fun and relaxed Monday night. All kinds of traffic, whether VFR or IFR, airplane or helicopter, are welcome and pilots of all skill levels are invited. Come and fly our friendly skies! Start: 2021-
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