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  1. Congratulations Josh. I look forward to working with you (still).
  2. All - This event has been postponed. This is due primarily to the conflict of this meeting with the North East FNO which will see a lot of you controlling while the meeting is happening. Rather than have so many of you absent who may wish to be here. We will announce a new date soon. We would encourage you to still submit questions to us for when the meeting is rescheduled via this link: https://forms.gle/yLLt4D1tigw2yR6W6
  3. This year has brought unexpected challenges for VATCAN and our controllers, and we thank you for all the effort and commitment you’ve shown as we adjusted in tough times. We wish you the very happiest and most peaceful of holidays and look forward to a new year full of wins and successes big and small. Cette année nous a apporté des défis inattendus pour VATCAN et nos contrôleurs, et nous vous remercions pour tous les efforts et la détermination dont vous avez fait preuve pendant que nous nous adaptions à des temps difficiles. Nous vous souhaitons les plus belles fêtes tranquilles et nous attendons avec plaisir une nouvelle année pleine de réussites et de succès, grands et petits.
  4. In collaboration with Vatsim UK, We are pleased to announce Crossmas! There’s no better time than Christmas to visit Toronto! Hop in your jets and come explore what Canada has to offer. The event will take place on the 19th of December, departing Heathrow between 1200-1400z for the approximately 8 hour flight to Toronto. Full ATC coverage will be available.
  5. Come join the Toronto FIR for Tristan's S3 OTS on December 4 at 0100z (December 3 at 2000ET).
  6. http://vatcan.ca/canscope/upld/uploads/ctpeastbound2020.png
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