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  1. Congratulations Josh. I look forward to working with you. 8)
  2. Felicitations Alex! Et Bon Chance!
  3. From an airport perspective, most Canadian airports, especially those with a Central Deice Facility will have a chart with information published about the CDF. Check your chart source. CDFs, like all aprons, are uncontrolled. They will usually have a pad controller though that provides direction much like an apron controller. Most of the time on VATSIM, pad control is not simulated. As far as aircraft, most aircraft have a specific deicing checklist as they must be configured a certain way. Things such as flaps staying up, trim full down, bleeds and packs off are some of the considerations
  4. This is going to be what puts it over the top for me. Microsoft, take my $$! :o
  5. Come to the land of Sea, Sky, and Professional ATC! Help Franklin Wu prove that he is ready to be a Tower Controller at Canada's 2nd busiest airport! Bring your favourite airplane to Vancouver International, CYVR. IFR and VFR Welcome! When: Sunday April 19th starting at 1900z Where: CYVR Vancouver International Good luck Franklin!!
  6. Come help Josh Perry EARN his S3 rating in the Toronto FIR! When: Sunday Evening, April 19th 2020 starting at 2300z. Where: CYYZ_APP (So fly CYYZ, CYTZ, or anywhere within the Toronto Terminal Control Unit.) [move]Good luck Josh![/move]
  7. Come to help Charlie Sun pass his Approach OTS. Stay for the beautiful mountain scenery of Vancouver. When: Saturday Afternoon, February 1st 2020 starting at 2359z. Where: CYVR_APP (So fly CYVR, CYYJ, or any of the smaller fields including CYCD, CZBB, CYPK and more!) [move]Good luck Charlie![/move]
  8. VATSIM has just announced that developers of clients for xPlane will be required to place an automatic disconnection feature in their clients if a user's framerate drops below 20fps and remains their for a specified period of time. The reason is that xPlane's flight model requires a minimum 20fps to run. If the framerate drops below the 20fps threshold, xPlane slows the sim down to ensure that the model calculates 20 frames per second of sim time, even if this is slower than real time. So the sim rate is being slowed below real time without the user being aware. This has been a long term
  9. Venez tous venir et rejoignez-nous pour le double titre OTS de Montréal. Regardez Alexandre Dufresne et Michel Robichaud s'attaquer à la communauté des pilotes VATSIM! Où: MTL_CTR et CYUL_APP (Volez donc partout dans la FIR de Montréal!) Quand: dimanche 8 décembre 2359z (19h heure locale) pour 2 heures Qui va gagner: il faut voler pour le savoir! [move]Bonne chance messieurs.[/move] -=-=-=-=-=- Come one come all and join us for the Montreal OTS Double-Header. Watch as Alexandre Dufresne and Michel Robichaud take on the VATSIM Pilot Community! Where: MTL_CTR and
  10. Hey all, Voting for the fall (eastbound) edition of Cross the Pond is now open. https://ctp.vatsim.net Visit the CTP site now to vote for your preferred departure/arrival airfields. Toronto/Pearson CYYZ is the only Canadian applicant this year - your support of your fellow division members is appreciated! Cross the Pond will be held on Saturday October 26th 2019. Regardless of who is nominated and chosen, it is always a busy event for at least a few Canadian FIRs. Stay tuned as the date grows closer. For those whose home FIR isn't being affected, your help is always welcome o
  11. Brendan, Dan, On behalf of VATCAN and the Montreal FIR, Thank You for stepping up and helping get the Montreal FIR back on it's feet. Your service is gratefully appreciated and will not soon be forgotten. You may both return to your previous status within your home FIR. I would also like to extend my Thanks to the Moncton and Toronto FIRs (and their executive staff) for allowing us to borrow their instructors. They have been invaluable and we could not have relaunched Montreal without them. I hope that this project marks the beginning of improved collaboration and teamwork between
  12. http://i.imgur.com/GkF2vHa.jpg Tous sont invités à Montréal pour aider Michel Robichaud à obtenir sa note S2! Où: Montreal Tower (CYUL_TWR) Quand: Vendredi Mai 31e à 19h locale, 2300z (Vendredi Soir) Envolez-vous vers ou depuis CYUL. Tout le trafic est le bienvenu! Bonne chance Michel! All are invited to Montreal to help Michel Robichaud earn his S2 rating! Where: Montreal Tower (CYUL_TWR) When: Friday May 31st at 7:00pm EDT, 2300z (Friday Night) Fly in or out of CYUL. All traffic welcome! Good luck Michel!
  13. http://i.imgur.com/GkF2vHa.jpg Tous sont invités à Montréal pour aider Yanick Coulombe à obtenir sa note C1! Où: Montreal Centre (MTL_CTR) Quand: Vendredi Mai 17e à 19h locale, 2300z (Vendredi Soir) Envolez-vous vers ou depuis CYUL, CYOW, CYQB ou l’un des centaines d’autres aéroports de la Région d’Information de Vol de Montréal. Tout le trafic est le bienvenu! Bonne chance Yanick! All are invited to Montreal to help Yanick Coulombe earn his C1 rating! Where: Montreal Centre (MTL_CTR) When: Friday May 17th at 7:00pm EDT, 2300z (Friday Night) Fly in or ou
  14. http://i.imgur.com/GkF2vHa.jpg Tous sont invités à Montréal pour aider Alexandre Dufresne à obtenir sa note S3! Où: Montreal Arrivée (CYUL_APP) Quand: Vendredi Mai 10e à 19h locale, 2300z (Vendredi Soir) Envolez-vous vers ou depuis CYUL, CYMX, CYHU ou n'importe quel aéroport de Montréal! Bonne chance Alexandre! All are invited to Montreal to help Alexandre Dufresne earn his S3 rating! Where: Montreal Arrival (CYUL_APP) When: Friday May 10th at 7:00pm EDT, 2300z (Friday Night) Fly in or out of CYUL, CYMX, CYHU, or any airport around Montreal! Good luck Alexa
  15. Gonna have to clean off my desk first. :P
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