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  1. Bump. Details about obituary and his family's request for donations to a scholarship in his honour added to original post.
  2. It is with a very heavy heart that I must inform you all that our friend Dean Roy passed away last night, October 17 2021, at 6:45pm. He had been hospitalized for at least a week or so, but this is still a shock to us all. Dean was our Toronto FIR Chief for what seemed like forever (though I guess it was only 2 or 3 years). Since joining Toronto in 2016, he became a fixture who was here almost every night giving his time to make this network better for everyone else. I can't think of too many people who gave more of themselves to this community. Not just through his controlling hours (which numbered almost 3000 hours in 5 years), but in training and inspiring his fellow controllers to do more and be the best controller they could be. He worked constantly behind the scenes as well, developing and expanding the FIR. More importantly, he was a friendly voice that made me feel like I came home every time I flew in Toronto. Information regarding final arrangements will be forthcoming. He is survived by his wife Debra, who is happy to know he had the support of this community. Dean, I am happy and grateful to have known you these years. Thank You for being my friend. You will be missed. Final Handoff accepted. EDIT: Dean's Obituary is available, along with service details. His family has requested donations be made to the Dean Roy Scholarship which has been established at University of Windsor, his longtime employer. https://windsorstar.remembering.ca/obituary/dean-roy-1083558957
  3. Can I also highlight one other thing: Please ensure you DO NOT CLIMB UNTIL CLEARED BY ATC. It is appreciated if you file your step climbs, as we can work that information into our planning. But do not commence the step climb without authorization from ATC. And hand-in-hand with that, please don't expect ATC to always read or remember your step climb requests. Just make the request with ATC when you are ready for your step climbs. (Different fuel burns/last minute load changes can cause step climbs to be delayed, so we won't automatically issue one until it is requested.) "Moncton Centre, ACA123, request climb FL380." You may be told to standby (briefly), while we ensure that level is clear above you and ahead of you. Hopefully that went without saying for most, but I hope someone reads that and learns something. Rob
  4. Do you like visiting the friendly maritime provinces of Canada? Own Microsoft Flight Simulator? Aerosoft has a sale on Stairport Sceneries' Moncton (CYQM) https://www.aerosoft.com/us/flight-simulation/continents-sceneries/north-america/3324/aerosoft-airport-greater-moncton Now through June 3rd.
  5. Please join me in congratulating Luc Arsenault on completing his S2 rating. He is now a fully rated Tower controller. Look out pilots!
  6. For anyone that missed it, Robert Randazzo made a long forum post in PMDG's forum with tons of juicy tidbits. https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/126554-22may21-it-is-finally-time-for-a-bit-show-and-tell-related-to-microsoft-flight-simulator Among the details (all for MSFS): DC6 releasing likely within the next several weeks 737 by end of year 777 possibly by end of year 747 early next year As a wise friend of mine said: "Ouch, my wallet!"
  7. Interesting conundrum. The point of the Flying Circus is not to create a huge rules-based organization, but to just create a way of finding eager pilots who want to help controller training. In my vision, the target would be primarily GA aircraft flying a cross-section of VFR missions, such as circuits, local training/sightseeing flights, or even VFR cross countries. Helicopters would also be a welcome diversion. I don't want to say you can't fly VFR in a 767, but the goal is to challenge controllers with slower GA aircraft. They see plenty of airliner traffic in most cases.
  8. Hello Pilots! There has been some discussion lately of resurrecting the Flying Circus. The Flying Circus was an organization that existed about 10 years ago here on VATSIM. Their job was to provide VFR flights specifically targeted at airports where controllers were training to provide them with some VFR practice (which is usually the areas where controllers are weakest, as these flights are relatively rare on VATSIM). To be a member of the Flying Circus, there are very few requirements. Just the ability to fly and some knowledge of VFR procedures (even just flying circuits helps our students). Members can be solely pilots or controllers who wish to help their comrades learn. The most likely form this group will take is basically a mailing list. Instructors will post requests for the Flying Circus (possibly through the VATCAN Discord) to attend, and anyone who is free and willing to help out can log on and perform some circuits or other VFR flying to help provide the needed traffic. Please note that this is intended as a national organization. Members should be willing to fly in any FIR, not just their home FIR. The idea is to get a list of pilots who are willing to help out when required. (No minimum participation is required - just fly when you can.) If this idea sounds interesting to you, please drop a reply to this post and follow this post. We will try to organize an easy method of communication for instructors to send and pilots to receive notice of training. Rob
  9. Congratulations Josh. I look forward to working with you. 8)
  10. Felicitations Alex! Et Bon Chance!
  11. From an airport perspective, most Canadian airports, especially those with a Central Deice Facility will have a chart with information published about the CDF. Check your chart source. CDFs, like all aprons, are uncontrolled. They will usually have a pad controller though that provides direction much like an apron controller. Most of the time on VATSIM, pad control is not simulated. As far as aircraft, most aircraft have a specific deicing checklist as they must be configured a certain way. Things such as flaps staying up, trim full down, bleeds and packs off are some of the considerations so configuring and then reconfiguring for takeoff is a fun challenge. And lastly, timewise, application depends on the number of trucks in use, the size of your aircraft, and whether you need Type I or Type I and IV fluid. The real issue is that in active precipitation, the fluids are only effective for a limited time, known as the HoldOver Time or HOT. You must depart before your HOT expires. This can be a real challenge depnding on taxi routes, traffic, etc.
  12. This is going to be what puts it over the top for me. Microsoft, take my $$! :o
  13. Come to the land of Sea, Sky, and Professional ATC! Help Franklin Wu prove that he is ready to be a Tower Controller at Canada's 2nd busiest airport! Bring your favourite airplane to Vancouver International, CYVR. IFR and VFR Welcome! When: Sunday April 19th starting at 1900z Where: CYVR Vancouver International Good luck Franklin!!
  14. Come help Josh Perry EARN his S3 rating in the Toronto FIR! When: Sunday Evening, April 19th 2020 starting at 2300z. Where: CYYZ_APP (So fly CYYZ, CYTZ, or anywhere within the Toronto Terminal Control Unit.) [move]Good luck Josh![/move]
  15. Come to help Charlie Sun pass his Approach OTS. Stay for the beautiful mountain scenery of Vancouver. When: Saturday Afternoon, February 1st 2020 starting at 2359z. Where: CYVR_APP (So fly CYVR, CYYJ, or any of the smaller fields including CYCD, CZBB, CYPK and more!) [move]Good luck Charlie![/move]
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