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  1. All, Following Todd Blanchette stepping back from his position as ZWG4 to pursue bigger opportunities here on the VATSIM network, the Winnipeg FIR is now accepting applications for the position of the Events Coordinator! We are looking for a professional, enthusiastic and innovative individual to work on our team. A real team player, who represents Winnipeg FIR and shows our character to the world. Reporting to the FIR Chief and Deputy Chief, as well as VATCAN’s Executive Team if applicable. The position will consist of communicating with Winnipeg’s neighbouring FIRs, as well as work
  2. Winnipeg's Events Coordinator now has his C1 rating. Congratulations and well done, Todd!
  3. It's a S2 upgrade for Justin Garcia! Congratulations... next, radar!
  4. Congrats to James Norris on passing his FINAL OTS in Winnipeg - it's a C1 promotion for Mr. Norris!
  5. It's a pass for Mike on his C1 OTS! Congratulations and great job!
  6. Always a pleasure working with Owen, be it back as VATCAN1 or as the chief here in Winnipeg - always class act. Looking forward to seeing who will lead Edmonton into the future!
  7. POSITION VACANCY: Winnipeg FIR Chief Instructor After a wonderful tenure as Chief Instructor, Ethan Mason has decided to step back from the role to focus on controlling and helping other students. Thus, the Winnipeg FIR is looking for the next ZWG3! We are looking for a professional, enthusiastic and innovative individual to work on our team. Someone who's professional, while remaining calm under pressure. Reporting to the FIR Chief and Deputy Chief, as well as VATCAN's Executive Team, mainly VATCAN3 if applicable. The position will consist of coordinating training of the FIR's students,
  8. It's a classic "make sure you check your time zones" OTS in Winnipeg, as Mike Ignagni is off to fight for his C1 rating! Come fly in on the evening of the 22nd (which just so happens to be the morning of the 23rd for our friends on the other side of the Atlantic) and help him earn that promotion!
  9. It's the big OTS for James Norris - he's going for his C1 rating! Come fly anywhere Winnipeg has to offer in our airspace - from major airports like Winnipeg and Saskatoon to the small fields you've never heard of until you accidentally entered the wrong letter on your airport code in SimBrief. Good luck, James!
  10. Congratulations, Josh! The team in Winnipeg, especially myself, looks forward to working with you to continue growing our relationship with Toronto.
  11. Why not both? Congratulations to Tim and Todd on their new ratings earned in today's OTS! A special thanks to everyone who flooded Winnipeg with traffic for this one.
  12. Man, I would've posted it FOR YOU! LOL, congrats!
  13. Dean's legacy of running Toronto is a long one and a very productive one. Wishing nothing but the best in whatever may be next, friend!
  14. Félicitations Alexandre! Welcome to the world of being a chief.
  15. It's time for another OTS in the 'Peg - this time, Tim Lowe is on a mission to earn his S2 rating. Fly at either of Winnipeg's airports (CYWG or CYAV) and help him work for that promotion!
  16. IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN! CYVR is sending CYWG some pilots eagerly looking for cold, snow and ice! (Why!?) Both airports and ZVR/ZEG/ZWG centers will be online to direct them into CYWG from 2100z-0100z on Saturday, 13 Feb 2021 (3-7pm Central). Preferred route if you're going to fly: ADSIX KESTA YDC J500 YXC MEDAK YYN J500 VLR AMBIL2 See you all there!
  17. Congratulations to James Norris - Winnipeg's latest recipient of an S3 rating! A great exam tonight - and thanks to everyone who came out to fly.
  18. Hi Piotr! This has been fixed now - the Eastern time is correct, the Zulu time has been fixed.
  19. The Winnipeg FIR is pleased to announce that Todd Blanchette has been selected as the FIR's new Events Coordinator, ZWG4. Todd brings a wealth of experience to the role, and his time within the FIR has shown his dedication to Winnipeg along with the entire VATSIM Network. Congratulations, Todd!
  20. It's time for another exam in Winter-peg - this time, James Norris is on a mission to earn his S3 rating. Bring your IFR and VFR traffic to Winnipeg's airports (CYWG, CYAV, CYPG and more) on the 17th and help James work for his promotion!
  21. It's time to head west into Canada's prairies, and to the city of Regina - home to a truly outstanding Canadian meme (located for your viewing convenience at ), as well as one International Airport (CYQR)! Bring your IFR and VFR as we'll be fully staffed from 2200z until 0000z on Saturday the 16th!
  22. It's a pass for Todd on his S2 exam! He had a pile of traffic, but handled it like a pro. Congrats, Todd!
  23. It's time for another Tower OTS in Winnipeg - this time, Todd Blanchette is on a mission to earn his S2 rating! Come fly Winnipeg (CYWG/CYAV) and help him earn that promotion!
  24. Another pass in the Winnipeg FIR - congratulations to James Norris on earning his S2 rating! Next step, radar!
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