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  1. Join Delta Virtual and the Winnipeg FIR for a group flight, as they travel from Winnipeg (YWG) to Halifax (CYHZ)! Wheels up will be at 1900EST (0030Z). Recommended Route: RORMA SIDPO DEGVA TADIS 48N080W REZIN MLT EBONY FUNDY3 Note to Controllers: If you are interested in controlling in this event, please contact Nate (n.power[at]vatcan.ca)!
  2. Flight sim streamer 757Spy will be visiting Winnipeg on the 29th! We’ll be staffed up for all the fun starting at 2100Z. Come enjoy the snow, hockey and more snow.
  3. Congratulations Steve! Welcome to the chiefs club.
  4. Congratulations to Luke Wightman, who successfully passed his S2 exam tonight on CYWG_TWR! Luke is now certified to handle all DEL, GND and TWR operations within the Winnipeg FIR. Well done!
  5. Come one, come all for the first Winnipeg FIR OTS in ages! Luke Wightman will attempt to earn his S2 rating, and all are welcome to join in the fun! Good luck, Luke!
  6. It's been absolutely wonderful to see Montreal coming back to life. Thanks for the hard work to all that are involved!
  7. Félicitations, Yanick!
  8. A fantastic choice for the position. Congratulations Phil! Look forward to working with you.
  9. After deep consideration, and input from many trusted members of the VATSIM community, it is with some sadness, and also pride, that I announce my resignation from the position of the VATCAN Division Director. While in this position, I learned quickly that there are waves to this job. You can have a month with nothing, and then a week with hundreds of emails flooding your inbox. Unfortunately, sometimes, real life took a priority, and I am confident that the requirements to this position will outweigh the time I have available to dedicate to the position. With that being said - I am also excited to details my plans for my future within the division. For the time being, I intend to fill the still open Winnipeg FIR Chief position, on an interim basis. I was a part of this FIR for quite some time in the past, and I am excited to return to the FIR, where I believe I will have more time to manage the job with my current availability. To those who continued to support myself and my team while I was in my position, I can never thank you enough - your kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness was, and is appreciated. To the staff of VATCAN - the Executive Team, FIR Staff, and the CANHelp team - you are what keeps this division moving. Your ideas, creativity and hard work continues to inspire and motivate me. I continue to look forward to working with all of you in harmony moving forward. This division, and the amazing people in it, have done so much for me in the nearly half a decade I have been a part of this community - and I can hardly wait to see what the future holds for VATCAN. In the meantime, Travis Chan, formerly the VATCAN Deputy Division Director, will take on the VATCAN1 position on an interim basis. Nate Power
  10. POSITION VACANCY: VATCAN Infrastructure and Web Development Director (VATCAN7) REPORTS TO: VATCAN Executive Team RESPONSIBLE FOR: Handling of VATCAN's web development and interior infrastructure, including (but not limited to) the following: - Serve as a leader to assist and motivate members of the VATCAN IT team. - Responding quickly to website and data system needs, and planning methods to improve the division's infrastructure. - Holding self and members of the IT team accountable to high-performance standards. - Maintain an online presence on the VATCAN TeamSpeak server, as well as replying to messages and/or emails. - Ability to listen to feedback and take constructive action. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The successful applicant should meet the following minimum standards: - Be a member of good standing in VATCAN for more than one year at the time of application. - Be able to work effectively, and build relationships within the division. - Real world credentials and experience in IT, web development such as Laravel is considered an asset. - Team and project management skills from previous experience within the VATSIM network. Please e-mail your application, along with a cover letter addressing how you meet the requirements, along with any background and skills that may apply, to vatcan1[at]vatcan.ca by 23:59z Friday, March 1st 2019 for consideration!
  11. VATCAN pilots and controllers alike, it's time to step up and support our friends! Jacksonville ARTCC's Toby Rice, along with his family, endured an unthinkable tragedy. On Saturday morning around 0200, the family of 11 lost their Dickson, Tennessee home to a fire. The amazing folks in ZJX have set up a donation fund for Toby, and I encourage you all to join myself in making a small donation if you can. More details can be found on the original forum post, linked below. Donate Here: https://www.gofundme.com/rice-family-fire-fund Original VATUSA Forum Post: https://forums.vatusa.net/index.php?topic=8573.msg39145#new
  12. If you've a passionate member of the community who wants to help us improve VATSIM's biggest event, then now is your chance to have your voice heard! VATCAN is currently seeking members to form a small committee to discuss ways we as a division can improve upon past issues the division has run into when performing Cross The Pond events. Preferably, members with experience of event planning or experience with CTP are desired, but all are welcome to apply! If you are interested, we'd like to hear from you! Send a short e-mail to vatcan1[at]vatcan.ca expressing your interest and we will get back to you ASAP!
  13. POSITION VACANCY: VATCAN Communications & Events Director (VATCAN5) VATCAN is now accepting applications for the position of Communications and Events Director. VATCAN wants a professional, enthusiastic and innovative individual to work on our executive team. We’re looking for a team player who can also be a great ambassador for VATCAN in and outside the division. Reporting directly to the Division Director, the successful candidate will play an integral part in building and maintaining an annual plan for the division while also executing daily promo and events work alongside a positive, creative team. POSITION: Communications and Events Director (VATCAN5) REPORTS TO: VATCAN Executive Team RESPONSIBLE FOR: Handling of VATCAN's events and multiple forms of communications, as well as (but not limited to) the following: - Undertaking public relations duties on behalf of VATCAN by providing communications and news releases to media and various flight simulation related entities - Promoting VATCAN and informing members of various VATCAN activities through the VATCAN website, VATCAN official forums and official VATCAN Social Media accounts - Developing, directs and uses a communications and social media strategy to channel information to members and the flight simulation community - Identifying and develops events to generate traffic and to promote the Division. - Implementing and overseeing approved events. - Coordinating with neighboring ARTCCs to arrange support for VATCAN hosted events, and arranges VATCAN support for neighboring events. - Developing and distributing marketing material (graphics, news posts, forum posts, etc) to promote events to the appropriate staff members. - Maintaining relationships with virtual airlines, coordinates support for VA hosted events operating in VATCAN airspace. - Working with FIR Staff to provide support when necessary. - Additional duties as assigned. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The successful applicant should meet the following minimum standards: - Be a member of good standing in VATCAN for more than one year at the time of application. - Demonstrated ability to make and keep commitments. - Expectation of availability to attend all scheduled meetings for the duration of the meeting and engage daily in email and voice communications with other VATCAN executive members. - Real world credentials and experience in internet, social media, and print/radio/video production processes. - Be able to work effectively and build relationships within a volunteer organization. - Demonstrated skills in communications and marketing tools mainly but not exclusively within an internet community. Please e-mail your application, along with a cover letter addressing how you meet the requirements, along with any background and skills that may apply, to vatcan1[at]vatcan.ca by 23:59z Friday January 5, 2019 for consideration!
  14. Allow me to mimick what Travis said. To be brief - WOW. VATCAN, you just showed the world what our incredible division is made of. A massive thank you to all the amazing staff that made this all work today. Say, same time next year? ;)
  15. POSITION VACANCY: Winnipeg FIR Chief (CZWG) After some great work developing the Winnipeg FIR, Jon Peters, the current FIR Chief, has decided to step down to focus on his family. That means, an opportunity is available for a fantastic role! REPORTS TO: VATCAN Division Director, VATCAN1 RESPONSIBLE FOR: Management of the Winnipeg (CZWG) FIR, including but not limited to the following duties: - Providing strong leadership, direction and vision to the Winnipeg FIR, its staff and students included - Monitoring, reviewing, and enhancing all FIR's positions, including training and events. - Work to improve the infrastructure of the Winnipeg FIR, especially the infrastructure of its website. - Ensuring that an online presence of ATC is maintained throughout the FIR, promoting more pilots flying to the area. - Ensuring that events are arranged regularly, both within the FIR alone and in cooperation with adjacent FIRs. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The successful applicant should meet the following minimum standards: - A familiarity with Winnipeg ATC operations and general pilot operations and regulations is considered an asset. - Minimum of C1 rating, and be in good standing within the VATSIM Network. - Demonstrated past experience in staff rolls, or other managerial experience. - A commitment to maintain a strong online presence throughout their appointment, including keeping a constant eye on e-mails and messages online. - The ability to communicate clearly and professionally through various mediums to people of different experience levels and cultures throughout the FIR. Applications will be accepted until 2359Z on 1 January 2019. Any applications received after this deadline will not be considered. All applications shall be e-mailed to vatcan1[at]vatcan.ca.
  16. VATCAN is pleased to welcome Travis Chan as the new VATCAN Deputy Division Director! In his history with the VATCAN Division, Travis has been a crucial member of Toronto FIR's staff, as well as recently joining the VATCAN IT Team to assist with further improvement for our web and email services. Please join me in congratulating Travis!
  17. Hi Jagard, We are just about to begin interviews for the applicants! More details will be available soon.
  18. Currently, Mark Trumble and myself are leading the CANhelp team, and continue to take in applications for any members of VATCAN who may want to join the team! Of course, if you're interested in applying to join the team, feel free to send myself an email and we can chat!
  19. It's time to say goodbye to the VATCAN Welcome Team, and hello to a new, improved and much more catchy-named CANhelp! CANhelp is the new branding for the VATCAN Membership team, more commonly known as the Welcome Team. The CANhelp team is a group of users who are involved in assisting VATCAN members with any issues revolving around the division, from joining the network to starting training in their new FIR! As always, anyone who would like to contact the CANhelp team can do so by e-mailing membership[at]vatcan.ca.
  20. All very good points and questions! Allow me to explain them all a but more in-depth: In the history of VATCAN meetings, there has rarely been a more detailed version of a minutes recap than something of this style. However, I definitely understand that from an outside perspective, this may seem a bit bland and confusing, so perhaps a more detailed recap is something for us to look at for future meetings. Of course, you're right about English being the only real requirement for the network - my plan for ZUL is to not enforce any language regulations, but to encourage the FIR to continue using their primary language, as Montreal has quite a few French pilots. However, I also encourage any members to head to Montreal, as all users are expected to be fluent in English. There never has been a restriction, and never will there be - it's just unfair to VATCAN. Finally, yes! There absolutely should be a town hall planned, and I will add that to my list of things to do. We, of course, have an initial FIR staff meeting planned for the near future, but I'll plan to include a full VATCAN town hall meeting before the year's end. Hopefully this answered your questions!
  21. Thanks for taking the time to write this up, Mark!
  22. Good news, if you use a VATCAN.ca webmail: It's back, and better than ever! Our IT team has been hard at work for the past few days, and are proud to announce that the new and improved VATCAN webmail is up and running, and on a new, much more reliable server. For those of you that had an existing email account, please contact Obi (at o.onyemaobi[at]vatcan.ca) for you account credentials.
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