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  1. Nate, I am saddened to hear of your resignation as VATCAN1. I will always remember the kindness of your actions in regard to members of this division within the past 9-10 months, as well as the kindness that you showed to me within the past two months. By helping me resolve issues that I had with different aspects of VATCAN, you restored my faith in VATCAN. I had the gut feeling you would choose to bow out of the position due to time constraints, as mentioned to you a day or two ago. As such, the VATCAN Executive Team has lost a great and generous person and I am sure that you will be missed by members of the division. I am happy though, that you are moving down to the CZWG FIR as FIR Chief. This place in particular has been lacking in the division for quite some time, and I cannot wait to see what you have in store. To Travis, I wish you luck in the interim management of the division. I wonder what you have in store........ ;)
  2. Ladies and Gentleman, The impaneled IT team is proud to be completing step one of VATCAN's technology infrastructure refurbishment. We look forward to working with all stakeholders in this process.
  3. Nate's email has been restored. n.power@vatcan.ca is the way to go.
  4. Hear Hear! Jon, Glad to hear of this, I look forward to seeing what you can do for CZWG! Andrew, CONGRATULATIONS! All I have to say!
  5. Are you VATCAN Staff? You don’t have to be current VATCAN staff to offer help and advice... No I know that! ;) I just see that he has a VATCAN Staff badge.
  6. Would have been smarter to just move my post, no double posting necessary! ;)
  7. Would have been nice if we could have gotten some overhead support for ZBW, but this just seems as if it is another event forgotten about..... I'm looking at the traffic, and I can tell you are all getting slammed. Good luck with the event, and I hope that this can be rectified in the future from our side.
  8. I agree with what other VATCAN members are saying. Let me remind everyone of two principles that should be thought of before implementing this: [*]K.I.S.S. Principle [*]If it ain't broke, don't fix it. In the instance of using both principles in one thought, VATCAN should be keeping everything as simple as can be. We don't want to have a various amount of non-essential issues to be looked at in the beginning of the VATCAN Executive team with a couple new faces. We want important issues addressed first; FIR vacancy's, events, membership, GDPR compliance. Just to name a few... Summing up what everyone said. If this vote is successful, we should have a trial period afterwards for Discord to see if VATCAN members are comfortable with this system, as this is a divisional communications server. This change (in my opinion) is nothing other than to spice up the visual look of our internal/external communications, which leads to the question of what are the pros and cons of using Discord vs. TeamSpeak? If the matter is that the server is unreliable, and it doesn't work up to par with what it should be, move the server to somewhere more reliable but at the same time cost-effective. If necessary, as I have said before in my personal mailings, appoint/elect a national webmaster role to address these issues, as they should be fixed by someone who has the knowledge of how to do so.
  9. Can't wait for tonight! Good luck Richie!
  10. Smart way to keep the events tab on the front page rolling! Keep the good events rolling, and can't wait to participate next week!
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