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  1. Congratulations to Patrick Neyes Lopez - Vancouver's latest recipient of an S2 rating! Thanks to everyone who came out to fly.
  2. Is that Zulu date? Is it Sunday or Monday Mountain time?
  3. Is that Zulu date? Is this Friday or Saturday?
  4. Vancouver and Toronto FIRs are co-hosting a Vancouver to Toronto event on January 10th! Edmonton and Winnipeg will be online as well. You'll get great ATC and the wind at your back if you join us at CYVR for departures between 1700 and 1900z.
  5. Emily's S2 OTS will be held at Vancouver on Friday Dec 18th (0100Z on Dec 19th). Please fly in or out of the CYVR control zone and help out with the exam!!
  6. VFR Day in Victoria is this Monday! 2100-2300z.
  7. Louis will be attempting his S2 OTS on December 19th. Please come out and fly some of the stuff that counts toward a successful test! We need helicopters, float planes, VFR transitions/circuits/departures/arrivals. Even IFR is ok!
  8. Fly and help Josh, Friday at 5PM Pacific (Sat 0100Z) at Vancouver/Victoria terminal. VFR welcome!
  9. Pilots are invited to fly either direction between Vancouver and Calgary during the Rockies Crossfire on Sunday January 17, 2020 1700-2200z. Into Calgary (CYYC), aircraft flying at or above FL180 should include MENBO Q983 IGVEP in their route. IFR at 18,000' or below, include MENBO T703 IGVEP. Use the VESGA (props) or IGVEP (jets) arrivals. IFR into Vancouver (CYVR), jets and the DH8D include BOOTH and the CANUC arrival. Props (but not the Q400) route via BOOTH and the LIONN arrival. And of course, VFR flights are encouraged!
  10. Cross the Rockies Eastbound is on Saturday, November 21 from 1700-1900z. Depart from CYVR to CYEG. Full ATC will be provided gate to gate.
  11. Cross the Rockies Westbound is on Saturday, November 7 from 1700-1900z. Depart from CYEG (supporting S2 and S3 students who will be conducting exams) to CYVR. Full ATC will be provided gate to gate. Charts (Free account needed): https://fltplan.com/ Edmonton to Vancouver Routing: ANDIE Q860 MERYT J508 BOOTH - ARRIVAL CANUC
  12. Please join us for some VFR fun in the Vancouver Tower Control Zone. IFR traffic is welcome as well.
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