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  1. Please join me and the rest of the CZEG staff in congratulating Kris McCamis on his stellar OTS and official transition from student to full controller! Great job Kris, we're all proud of you!
  2. Please join me in congratulating Ethan on his S2 OTS pass! Ethan demonstrated an excellent understanding of all IFR and VFR tower procedures and we look forward to seeing him on radar soon!
  3. Congrats to Tyler Dola on passing his S2 OTS! He battled through an army of VFR traffic in a mix of IFR departures to earn that rating!
  4. Ooooh - or the Fly Over Winnipeg and Wave, let us know!
  5. Thanks everyone, and thanks to all the instructors and mentors in Winnipeg who helped me get here!
  6. Calling all Cargo pilots! The Winnipeg and Toronto airports have a surplus of cargo to move, so we're looking for a few good aviators to get the job done. Come fly CYYZ/CYWG (either direction) and give our controllers a workout! Did we mention that as a thank you for helping us move our cargo, we're giving away prizes!? The event is open to any VATSIM pilot/controller flying in any aircraft allowed on the network, but if you chose to fly with a standard Cargo Callsign (ie: FedEx, UPS, etc), then after you complete your trip, you will be entered into a draw to win one of two Amazon gift cards worth $50CAD/$40USD. Additionally, for their hard work, one controller will also win a $50CAD/$40USD Amazon gift card. Please read the rules below for more details. Date: Saturday 10 April, 2021 Time: 1900Z-0100Z (3pm-9pm Eastern Daylight Time) Contest Rules & Regulations: 1. Prizes consist of 3 Amazon Gift Cards, in the winner's choice of $50CAD from amazon.ca or $40USD from amazon.com (cards can only be used on that country's website). 2 cards will be awarded to eligible pilots and 1 card will be awarded to an eligible controller. 2. Every pilot who flies an IATA/ICAO cargo callsign will be entered into a master list (Callsign, Name, VATSIM ID) that will be used to determine the two winners. 3. Every controller who controls during the event in the CZWG/CZYZ FIRs will be entered into a separate list for the controller prize. 4. Eligible flights must be completed (departure and arrival) within the scheduled event start and end times. 5. Winners will be determined by entering all eligible VATSIM IDs into an online random number generator to select the winners. 6. Winner determination will be done by the CZYZ and CZWG Event Coordinators and will be streamed in the VATCAN discord server after the event is complete. The stream will also be recorded to ensure impartiality and review by VATCAN/VATSIM as required. 7. VATSIM, VATCAN, CZYZ FIR and CZWG FIR staff are not eligible to win a prize (this does not include FIR instructors/mentors that do not hold a staff position). 8. Qualification of eligible entries will be at the final discretion of CZYZ and CZWG Event Coordinators. 9. In the event that a winner does not respond to claim their prize within 48h of being contacted, a new winner will be drawn from the remainder of the list. 10. This contest is being run under Canadian jurisdiction. No purchase necessary for entry. Winners must answer a mathematical skill testing question in order to claim their prize. 11. By entering the contest, entrants agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless VATSIM, its affiliated partners/sub-divisions, their advertising and promotional agencies, and each of their respective officers, directors, agents, employees, representatives, successors and assigns from and against any injuries, losses damages, claims, actions, or any liability of any kind resulting from your participation in the contest.
  7. It's a double-header OTS in the Winnipeg FIR! Arrival will be online so that you can help Todd earn his S3 rating at any terminal airspace airfield (CYWG, CYAV, CYPG!)
  8. Calgary and Winnipeg's De-Icing Facilities are ramped up and ready to receive traffic in our very first CrossFrost event! Both FIRs will be fully staffed to receive 2-way traffic from 2100Z to 0100Z on Saturday, 20 Feb 2021. Preferred Routing: CYYC -> CYWG LOMLO Q961 DAPOP DCT VLN J504 YBR BEFAN2 (Jet) VETBI Q991 LIBOS DCT VLN J504 YBR BEFAN2 (non-Jet) CYWG -> CYYC ALKOG DCT DEPMI DCT MUSKK DCT VLN DCT SHAWI Q874 ILADA BIRKO5 (Jet) ALKOG DCT DEPMI DCT MUSKK DCT VLN DCT SHAWI Q874 BIRKO TOTUB4 (non-Jet)
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