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  1. Congrats to Mark, Tony and Sarah. You're willingness to step up and fill these important roles will help keep the FIR growing well into the future. Look forward to working with all of you!
  2. [OTS] CYYZ_TWR (S2) for Tristan Mann: Aug 4 @ 9:00 pm, 0100z Tristan is having his Over-The-Shoulder checkout for his S2 and we need your traffic to help him get certified. All IFR and VFR traffic is welcome! Where: Toronto Tower (CYYZ_TWR) When: Tuesday August 4, 2020 (Wed 0100z) Hope to see you all there!
  3. Join us for Josh Perry's (hopefully last) Over-The-Shoulder Exam where he attempts his C1 rating. Where: Toronto Centre (TOR_CTR) When: Friday July 13th at 8:00pm EDT, 0000z Come fly in, out, or all around Toronto airspace (CZYZ) to help finalize his ATC training.
  4. VATCAN has been testing a Discord server for some time with our staff members and we're now ready to open it to our controlling VATCAN members! Some important notes about this server: Joining Discord is completely optional and is there to allow our members to connect in another way. Important announcements including events must continue to be posted to the VATCAN forums so they remain accessible to everyone. The VATCAN Discord is subject to all VATSIM CoC rules and regulations. You will need to link your VATSIM CID to your Discord account from the VATCAN website to setup your permission
  5. Congrats Luke, I flied out and you sounded great!
  6. Join us for Faiz's Over-The-Shoulder Exam where he will attempt to earn his S2 rating. Where: Toronto Tower (CYYZ_TWR) When: Wednesday April 8th at 8:00 pm EDT, 2359z Come fly in, out, or all around Toronto/Pearson (CYYZ) to help him EARN his S2 rating. Both IFR and VFR traffic is welcomed and encouraged. Good luck Faiz!
  7. Thanks Jeff for all your hard work and the contributions you put into it while as VATCAN5. The work you put towards increasing out social presence and improving our overall communications were much appreciated.
  8. Further to the release news, the team working on it wanted this information disseminated down to members:
  9. Congrats Stephen on the promotion to Chief, looking forward to working with you in the near future.
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