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  1. I am pleased to announce that effective immediately Josh Perry (Josh #2) is appointed Deputy FIR Chief. In addition, Josh #2 will assist Josh Agins - Chief Instructor (Josh #1) with training. Josh #2 brings with him a wealth of information as an Air Canada Pilot and I believe he will be an enormous asset to CZEG. Please join me in welcoming Josh Perry and congratulating him on his new role at CZEG.
  2. Come one, come all, we are famous for our ability to host Double Header OTS Exams. They tend to draw a significant amount of traffic. First up is Sarah Thompson is ready to challenge you for her S2 rating! Sarah will attempt to EARN the seal of approval at Edmonton International Airport -to control at what we lovingly refer to as the Pancake CYEG-TWR. Second and certainly not least is Marc Ernst, Our Events Coordinator who is ready to challenge you for his S3 Rating. Marc will also attempt to earn the right and privilege to control departures and arrivals at Edmonton International Airpor
  3. Edmonton and Moncton FIRS are jointly hosting the EDMONCTON FALL FLING (Surf ta Turf). The Spring Fling was held on March 21 of this year and was quite the success, our fellow Canadian controllers provided en-route ATC services along the entire route, and the BEEF (TURF) delivery to the Moncton FIR was on time and much appreciated. Its time for the EDMONCTON FALL FLING (Surf ta Turf). We here in Western Canada sure would like to enjoy some fresh seafood to go with our steaks. What better than fresh Nova Scotia, Mussels, Digby Scallops, Atlantic Clams, Cod Filets and Atlantic Lobster. We're
  4. Welcome to the Peace River Valley, we invite you Fly the Chinook Circuit - the Perfect VFR Experience between 3 airports all spaced at approximately 100 nautical miles. In the real world, ATC Services at Fort St John, Peace River and Grand Prairie consist of advisory services to pilots such as relayed IFR ATC clearances, weather, suggested runways, taxiways and circuit traffic information. Except for the flight clearances, advisory services provided by Flight Service Specialists (FSS) are just that. FSS specialists do not control aircraft; they may offer suggestions; it is the ultimate respons
  5. That does sound like a very nice flight. We'll hopefully see you then! :)
  6. We invite you to join us for three (3) hours of fun, excitement and good old western hospitality—at the "BATTLE OF ALBERTA", on occasion, Thursday's beginning Thursday, October 1 2020. Our event team plans to staff all ATC positions at both the Calgary and Edmonton airport positions, including enroute centre controllers. From departure to arrivals you can expect continuous and superb ATC services both on the ground and in the air. Pilots of all experience are welcome to fly in and out in all aircraft types, Jet, Prop, VFR, IFR and Helicopters. The "BATTLE OF ALBERTA" is an excellent oppor
  7. Congratulations Graham!
  8. Please join the Edmonton FIR in congratulating Cody Newman (S1-S2) and Jonah Sohmer (S2-S3) earning their respective rating! Onwards and upwards. This was certainly one of the best-attended OTS events we have ever had. Many thanks to all the pilots and controllers who showed up for this event, you made the event memorable!
  9. Join us and help Jonah Sohmer & Cody Newman earn their S3 and S2 ATC ratings. All traffic welcome we will man CYYC and CYEG with a full complement of controllers. IFR, VFR, Helicopters and all maner of aircraft are appropriate and needed. Where Edmonton International - CYEG CYEG_TWR - S2 Candidate Cody Newman CYEG_APR - S3 Candidate Jonah Sohmer August 22, 2020 at 8 PM EST 0000z
  10. The Edmonton Training Staff are pleased to announce and congratulate Marc Ernst on the successful completion of his S2 ATC Rating - Well Done Marc
  11. Congrats Brendan, all the best!
  12. Each week we'll have different airports manned and ready for your flying pleasure. Airport charts are available at https://fltplan.com/ - Remember You'll Need To Sign Up For A Free Account. Come experience a true north adventure. We welcome all pilots regardless of skill set. We're here to learn from you, to help both you and our controllers to grow, IFR, VFR and HELO pilots are welcome. If you're looking for VFR, cross country, circuits practice we're here for you. The perfect P1 and P2 training environment with Canadas largest fighter base. We'll be online for 3 hours each Thursday nig
  13. Jeff, Thanks for all your hard work, it's been a real pleasure working with you, all the best going forward!
  14. Get A Free P40 From - https://a2asimulations.com/product/accu-sim-p-40-p3dv4/
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