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  1. All I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that the the Edmonton FIR has a new FIR Chief and Deputy. Todd Blanchette will be taking on the role of FIR Chief and Nathan Dean will be Deputy FIR Chief. Todd and Nathan, over the last month or so have been familiarising themselves with the FIR. I know they have some exciting ideas and plans for the FIR and look forwards to seeing what they come up with for Edmonton in the very near future. Additionally. I'd like to announce that the Edmonton CI, Mark Trumble will soon be departing from his role as CI to navigate the beer laden waters of University! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mark for his tireless work as CI and his continued efforts for the FIR. And to wish him the very best of luck at University! Mark will be succeeded by Thomas Smith. Thomas has already been putting in a lot of time in his role as Mentor/Instructor and I anticipate we will continue to see more great things from Thomas as he get's his feet under the desk. Please join me in welcoming the new FIR leadership to Edmonton!
  2. Congratulations to Thomas Smith who successfully passed his C1 OTS in CZEG CTR Well done Thomas!
  3. All. I am sad to report that Brad Crockett has stepped down as Vancouver FIR Chief. Brad has a long history with VATCAN and has held the role of FIR Chief for over 4 years. In that time, he has spent a significant time leading the FIR solo and has worked tirelessly for the benefit of the FIR. He shall be sorely missed and we wish him the very best for his "retirement". I will be posting the role very soon. However, in the interests of stability for the FIR, Rob Nabieszko will be taking over as the interim FIR Chief. He will be "caretaking" the FIR until a replacement is appointed. Many thanks!
  4. All Congratulations to Louis who passed his S3 OTS last night. He did a fantastic job with lots of traffic. Well done!
  5. All Congratulations to Josh Jenk for passing his C1 in Vancouver last night! Lots of traffic and he did a stellar job!
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