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  1. All This is sad news indeed. I was privileged enough to be able to call Dean a friend. His generosity of his time and efforts for this hobby was exceptional. He was my instructor for my familiarisation in Toronto and essentially brought be back into this hobby after a 10 yr break. His efforts for his home FIR were tireless and the results were clear. Toronto has been a hugely successful FIR in Dean's tenure and Josh now carries that flag forwards. Also, not to forget, the hours Dean spent as a supervisor on the network, again, giving to the hobby he loved so dearly. To say this is a loss to VATCAN and VATSIM and to some of us personally is an understatement. Blue Skies Dean
  2. All I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that the the Edmonton FIR has a new FIR Chief and Deputy. Todd Blanchette will be taking on the role of FIR Chief and Nathan Dean will be Deputy FIR Chief. Todd and Nathan, over the last month or so have been familiarising themselves with the FIR. I know they have some exciting ideas and plans for the FIR and look forwards to seeing what they come up with for Edmonton in the very near future. Additionally. I'd like to announce that the Edmonton CI, Mark Trumble will soon be departing from his role as CI to navigate the beer laden waters of University! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mark for his tireless work as CI and his continued efforts for the FIR. And to wish him the very best of luck at University! Mark will be succeeded by Thomas Smith. Thomas has already been putting in a lot of time in his role as Mentor/Instructor and I anticipate we will continue to see more great things from Thomas as he get's his feet under the desk. Please join me in welcoming the new FIR leadership to Edmonton!
  3. Congratulations to Thomas Smith who successfully passed his C1 OTS in CZEG CTR Well done Thomas!
  4. All. I am sad to report that Brad Crockett has stepped down as Vancouver FIR Chief. Brad has a long history with VATCAN and has held the role of FIR Chief for over 4 years. In that time, he has spent a significant time leading the FIR solo and has worked tirelessly for the benefit of the FIR. He shall be sorely missed and we wish him the very best for his "retirement". I will be posting the role very soon. However, in the interests of stability for the FIR, Rob Nabieszko will be taking over as the interim FIR Chief. He will be "caretaking" the FIR until a replacement is appointed. Many thanks!
  5. All Congratulations to Louis who passed his S3 OTS last night. He did a fantastic job with lots of traffic. Well done!
  6. All Congratulations to Josh Jenk for passing his C1 in Vancouver last night! Lots of traffic and he did a stellar job!
  7. POSITION VACANCY: Edmonton FIR Chief (CZEG) REPORTS TO: VATCAN Division Director, VATCAN1 RESPONSIBLE FOR: Management of the Edmonton (CZEG) FIR, including but not limited to the following duties: - Providing strong leadership, direction and vision to the Edmonton FIR. - Monitoring, reviewing, and enhancing all FIR's staff positions. - Continue work to improve the infrastructure of the Edmonton FIR. - Ensuring that an online presence of ATC is maintained throughout the FIR, promoting more pilots flying to the area. - Ensuring that events are arranged regularly, both within the FIR and nationally and internationally. - Collaborate and communicate with FIR members on a regular basis to improve SOPs and process for the FIR. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The successful applicant should meet the following minimum standards: - A familiarity with Edmonton ATC operations and general pilot operations and regulations is considered an asset. - Minimum of C1 rating, and be in good standing within the VATSIM Network. - Demonstrated past experience in staff roles, or other managerial experience. - A commitment to maintain a strong online presence throughout their appointment, including keeping a constant eye on e-mails and messages online. - The ability to communicate clearly and professionally through various mediums to people of different experience levels and cultures throughout the FIR. Applications will be accepted until 0459Z on 31 March 2021. Any applications received after this deadline will not be considered. All applications shall be e-mailed to vatcan1[at]vatcan.ca.
  8. Philip Dowling

    CZEG Chief

    All Evolution and progression is one of those facts of life, but sometimes there is a little sadness with that evolution. As we are now at another evolution. I have accepted the resignation of Owen Kane from the Edmonton FIR Chief role. Owen is leaving us due to health concerns and some rest. Owen has tirelessly worked in/on Edmonton for several years and I can attest as many can, that he has put his heart and soul into the FIR in that time. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Owen for his tireless efforts and wish him the very best in health and happiness for the future. I am sure, once some rest has been had, we shall see Owen on the network from time to time. PS..Apologies for those who saw the initial post of this. My new kitten decided she had superior writing skills to me ;)
  9. All I am pleased to report that I have today, appointed a new Toronto FIR Chief. I'd firstly like to thank all that applied for this post. There was a strong turnout which, of course, made myself and the teams job exceptionally difficult, which is always a good thing! Thank you all! Also I would like to thank the interview group of Rob, Travis and Graham. Who were exceptional with their insights and thoughts. Lastly, the bit you're waiting for. I am pleased to announce that Josh Perry will be the new Toronto FIR Chief. Josh comes back to Toronto after a 1.5 (or thereabouts) year "vacation" in Edmonton, where he has been helping out the folks there. By all reports, he was a terrible tyrant and they are happy to be rid of him (just kidding ;)). Josh has gained some exceptional experience while with our friends in Edmonton and no doubt learned some new tricks. I believe Josh will bring to Toronto some interesting, fresh ideas which will help Toronto progress and continue onwards and upwards. Please join me in welcoming Josh back to the "Toronto Fold"!
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