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  1. Congrats guys! Always nice to see a pair of Winnipeg OTS passes
  2. Lots of planes for this one! Good job Jamie handling the traffic. The magical Winnipeg Centre is coming up next!
  3. Congrats guys! Welcome to the training team, I'm sure Ethan will be happy with more members!
  4. Congrats! A great choice for the position!
  5. Man I can’t believe it’s time for your S3. I still remember when you were on ground. Good luck!
  6. Good luck Dario! Hopefully you are ready for some fun ;)!
  7. I still remember your S2 OTS, and now it’s time for your C1!? Make sure to get me a slot for exactly 2330z because I have to be the first one out (again). Good luck Michel!
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