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  1. Position Vacancy: Vancouver FIR Webmaster Do you have experience with developing, and maintaining websites? The Vancouver FIR is looking for someone like you! We are currently seeking a webmaster. This job will involve developing, and maintaining the Vancouver FIR's website. Reports to: CZVR Chief & Deputy Chief Responsible for: Developing and maintaining the FIRs official website Maintaining an online presence on the network, and in FIR Discord Channels, VATCAN TeamSpeak, and forum. Frequently checking and responding to emails as required Any other
  2. Version 2.0.1: Bugs Fixed: Fixed validation on exams, users can no longer take exams that don't have options for multiple choice questions. Fixed training notes not showing whitespace (any notes that were posted before this update that had line breaks should show normally) Exams (in the exam management page) will now be sorted by FIR. Documents will now be sorted by FIR. Fixed Navbar "About Us" page not having a link. Changed Exam Question Textbox to a text area (more width). Improvements: Members who self-assign the Basic ATC Exam will
  3. Hello all, This forum will be used for noting changes made to the website. We will likely only post here for each release (quick fixes won't have their own threads) with a list of features/changes. Major changes/upgrades will be announced via other mediums aswell if necessary (Discord, email, etc).
  4. Changes to Event Postings Event postings will no longer be created in this forum. All event postings will be done via the VATCAN Event System, Event Coordinators & Senior FIR Staff (CI, Deputy and Chief) can click here to create, and manage events. Events that are made via the VATCAN Event System will be automatically posted to the Calendar, you can preview the events there. If you want to view the description/banner, simply click on the event while you are on the calendar. If you have any questions, or concerns, feel free to reach out. Thanks!
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