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  1. That's sort of how it works in the UK in RW. I've flown VFR in to Cumbernauld, EGPG, after the Information radio frequency had closed down and used that freq to broadcast my intentions. Of course, Cumbernauld has no ATC, just an advisory info channel manned during the day, so there is no ATC-manned tower as such. Your suggestion would be a VATSIM-ism extension of what happens at non-ATC information frequencies.
  2. You specify the significant point at which you wish to change altitude, followed by a slash and then the new altitude. Eg. TRN/F370 indicates a change to FL370 at TRN. Details in Item 15 at: https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Flight_Plan_Completion
  3. I'm guessing you'll get a lot of interest, partly because of the VFR experience in MSFS2000. Are there any restrictions on acceptable VFR flights? For example, are VFR circuits at 2000ft QFE in a B767 with a private Canadian registration acceptable?
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