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  1. Join the CZEG FIR and help Kris McCamis earn his S2 rating on CYEG_TWR! It all takes place on March 28th between 2000z - 2200z (March 28th 1600 - 1800EST). Fly in and out of Edmonton International. Departures and Arrivals are appreciated of either VFR or IFR Best of luck Kris!
  2. Join the CZEG FIR and help Cody Newman earn his C1 rating on CZEG_CTR! It all takes place on March 21st between 2300z - 0100z (March 21st 1900 - 2100EST). Fly in and out of anywhere in the FIR. Departures and Arrivals are appreciated Best of luck Cody!
  3. We have a wild new rodeo for you to try out. All you have to do is anchor the horse so it can't run away. Are you up for the challenge? We will be providing full ATC service between Anchorage and Whitehorse on May 16th from 2200z until 0200z. Just remember Whitehorse doesn't have any SIDS or STARS, so get ready for what may be to come. Routes:TBD
  4. We know that portland and Edmonton are the second best airports in our airspaces, and we know you want to fly out of the other airports BUT lets not! On May 2nd between 2100z and 0100z both KPDX and CYEG will be staffed! So come out and see the second best airports, and dont fly out of the firsts because we will be very upset! Routes:TBD
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