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  1. Thank you Ben for your time. I was wondering about getting Active Sky but have read conflicting stories. Obviously you have it and so I am wondering your review of it. I currently use the built in X-Plane weather generator when on VatSim...have you noticed improved weather with Active Sky? tks d
  2. Thanks for the note. I am fairly new to VATSIM/VATCAN and I kinda thought that is what might be going on. Still a cool realistic feature though. I'll have to try it out next time. Also do you know for X-Plane/Vatsim if there is a realistic weather package that depicts actual weather on ground. For example flying into CYYZ yesterday it was calling for snow (which I saw in the air) but also the ATIS said runways had light snow/slush etc. and when I broke through, the runway appeared as it normally does during dry conditions but the Tower asked me about landing conditions and braking - didn't
  3. A first for me yesterday, was flying into CYYZ with snow, poor weather and upon tuning to Ground and listening to ATIS, there was something about if you require De-Icing, let ground know. As I was taxiing, there were calls to go to the central de-icing...I've searched about this but can't find a procedure, what happens when you go there, how long etc. Does anyone have any information on the de-icing procedures. Thanks Dave
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