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  1. Big airports are so overrated, join CZVR on a flight back across the province. From corner to corner experience top-down ATC. A wonderful opportunity to fly into the best ;) airport in the FIR. All flight rules are welcome and encouraged. We cant wait to see you there!
  2. Fly from the ocean to the mountains and back with Denver and Vancouver virtual flight control regions. Enjoy the scenery and pleasant controllers. All aircraft welcome and encouraged as long as you have the endurance!
  3. Come fly in, out, and around the YVR Control zone. Help Justin earn his S2 rating. VFR, IFR, Helicopters, seaplanes, and more welcome!
  4. Vancouver and Edmonton FIRs invite you to fly between three small northern airports. All airports will be staffed from the top to the bottom. VFR and IFR welcome. Dont forget to bring a warm coat, cabin heat on, and de-ice before blast off. Be there or be square, because we all know triangles are cooler. ;)
  5. Join CZVR on a flight from one corner of the province to the other. The two furthest apart towered airports in our FIR. Please don't fact-check that. All planes big and small welcome. IFR and VFR welcome you on this journey from Victoria to Prince George.
  6. Fly between Calgary and Vancouver in this wacky event. This isn't your normal crossfire... its a rockfire. What does that mean? Heck if we know. Bring your planes, fly around, have fun. Recommended Routes: CYVR - CYYC CYVR Jet - ADSIX DCT ANTLR J514 CILLI Q983 IGVEP IGVEP6 CYVR Turboprop - ADSIX DCT ANTLR J514 CILLI Q983 IGVEP VESGA5 CYYC- CYVR CYYC Jet - BOTAG Q894 BOOTH CANUC5 CYYC Turboprop (Not Q400) - BOTAG Q894 BOOTH LIONN2
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