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Toronto Real Ops is now on!

Mark Trumble

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Toronto Real Ops took off today at 6AM with the first long haul flights taking off last night. there will be full ATC until 6AM tomorrow, flight bookings are still available, book at realops.czyz.ca/bookings and enjoy the amazing ATC and have the chance to win some amazing prizes.

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And it's not even over yet.


On behalf of all the controllers in the Toronto FIR, THANK YOU PILOTS!


Some of you made us laugh. Some of you made us cry. But without you, we'd be a bunch of guys sitting in a room staring at empty screens, questioning our life choices.


Fortunately, you kept us so busy that we didn't have a chance to...  ::)


From the dozen controllers who controlled live from Toronto/Pearson, and the dozen more who controlled from home, THANK YOU!


See you for Cross The Pond in 3 weeks.

Rob Nabieszko


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