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[POSTPONED] VATCAN Town Hall - December 13 @ 0130z

Aidan Stevens

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VATCAN invites you to our upcoming town hall meeting! This meeting is part of an ongoing effort to allow division-wide participation in guiding the future of the division.


The details of the meeting are as follows:

Date & Time: December 13 @ 0130z (Timezone information: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=VATCAN+Town+Hall&iso=20171212T2030&p1=250)

Location: VATCAN Teamspeak (Server Address: ts.vatcan.ca)


We hope to see you there!


Edit: The VATCAN Staff voted in favour at the Q3 meeting to postponing the VATCAN Town Hall until the new year.

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In order to save time and allow our members to prepare for the townhall, will you being submitting an agenda ahead of time?


Will you allocate a period of time for each FIR Chief or their Representative to give an update of the starte of their FIR and any concerns they want to address? I think this will help the membership understand how the entire division is operating and to put a voice to different names.


What do consider non appropriate questions? Do you have a guideline? Who will decide on what is appropriate> I would hate to see some of our members questions silenced when they ask tough question to management.


Who will be catering the event?






Jeff McMillan (1275572)

CZQM C1 Controller


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Hi Jeff,


The Town Hall's agenda will be discussed at the upcoming Q3 Meeting for VATCAN Executive, FIR Chiefs and Chief Instructors. They will be able to provide the agenda to their members prior to the event. I anticipate some discussion regarding upcoming Training initiatives and policy changes, the new VATCAN VA Partership Program Pilot Project and more.


What you have suggested regarding each FIR having an opportunity to speak is going to be happening at the Q3 meeting. Every member will have an opportunity to speak, if they wish to do so, at the Town Hall.


Questions should be focused around topics at hand. Inappropriate questions include, but are not limited to, questions regarding specific members, disciplinary action taken or not taken by the division or the network, etc.


Haven't decided on a caterer yet. Was thinking subs.

Subway or Quiznos?

Graham Curnew

Communications and Events Director - VATCAN


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