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2018 TFDi Design Ontario Poker Run

Aidan Stevens

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The Inaugural Ontario Poker Run is an event like no other you've ever flown in.  Bring your jets, bring your GA planes, fly VFR, or fly IFR.  ATC will be hopping across ALL of Southern Ontario, Canada on the afternoon of Saturday, March 10th.


Billy Bishop(CYTZ), Toronto Pearson(CYYZ), Hamilton(CYHM), Waterloo/Kitchener(CYKF), London(CYXU), and Oshawa(CYOO) will all be staffed with Tower controllers, to be supplemented with Toronto Center, and a full staff at Toronto Pearson.


You will begin your Run at ANY of the listed and controlled airports, and fly to another of the controlled airports, at which point, upon arrival, you will be dealt a Card at random, from a deck of 52.  You will receive a card upon successful arrival at EACH participating airport.  At the end of your run, you will have a full 5 card stud poker hand.


The best hand at the end of the night, 0500z EXACTLY (planes in mid-flight of their final leg will be allowed to finish, but no departures after 0500z) will win ONE(1) TFDi Design Boeing 717 "Angry Puppy" Licence.


Come one, come all, and come often, for CZYZ FIR's INAUGURAL ONTARIO POKER RUN.


All Airport Charts can be found here ----> https://czyz.ca/airport-charts/




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exactly in which period of time will the event be held?

You said the afternoon of Saturday, March 10th, then the event time will be in Sunday in UTC.

On the poster it says 1700-2200EST, but that would actually be 2200Z-0300Z in UTC (not 0500Z).

Could you please clear that up for us?

(BTW I believe 00-05z would be a great time for more people to participate. As the time in UTC is already being published on VATSIM's official Twitter feed, and VA's already planning group flights accordingly.)



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