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[2300z-0300z] Not So Bermuda Triangle Friday Night Ops

Jared Comeau

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It's not quite the Caribbean, but from 2300-0300z on Friday, April 6, join the Boston Virtual ARTCC, Cleveland Virtual ARTCC and Toronto FIR for a three-way, international, FNO, cross fire jamboree! Trade in the warm ocean for the Great Lakes; your swimsuit for a business suit; your Oceanic clearance for a de-icing pad; and more! Boston Logan (KBOS), Cleveland Hopkins (KCLE) and Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) airports will all be staffed from top to bottom for your air travel needs. With plenty of air carrier and charter service between the three fields across multiple aircraft types, there's something here for everyone! Preferred routes below, be there or be triangular!


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Shameless self-promotion time:


We hope you all pick Toronto to fly to or from for this week's Friday Night Ops.


Make sure you pack on extra fuel for holding, and please make sure you have current charts (register for free at https://www.fltplan.com if you need them).


Check out the fun I had flying into KSEA last week. Trust me when I say I wish I had packed extra holding fuel.


Be sure to watch for my ATC Livestream as well at https://twitch.tv/captnabs


This is going to be a blast.


--End Shameless Self-Promotion--

Rob Nabieszko


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