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The Holland-America Line [29 July 2018] 06:00 Zulu

Jeff McMillan

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Come join the Boston Virtual ARTCC and Dutch VACC for a long-haul, trans-Atlantic, inter-division jamboree! From 1100-1400z on Sunday, July 29th, we'll have Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (IATA: AMS, ICAO: EHAM) staffed to the gills to accommodate departures, and will have all en route facilities staffed for a flight to Boston Logan Airport (IATA: BOS, ICAO: KBOS), where the Boston Virtual ARTCC will provide a full staff to sequence arrivals and get them onto the ground. Bring your favorite long haul aircraft, your business jet, or whatever you want, and join us for 7+ hours of packed airspace and professional air traffic control.



Jeff McMillan (1275572)

CZQM C1 Controller


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Anyone able to staff? Aircraft are beginning to hit domestic airspace, and it really would be great if we didn't have a gap in coverage...

Would have been nice if we could have gotten some overhead support for ZBW, but this just seems as if it is another event forgotten about.....

I'm looking at the traffic, and I can tell you are all getting slammed.

Good luck with the event, and I hope that this can be rectified in the future from our side.

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I was looking at that traffic yesterday and thoughbthere was some mini CTP event going on. Pretty awesome, too bad we couldn’t help them out a bit. I’m not sure if anyone on our side was contacted to help?

Travis Chan (1402756)

Deputy Division Director



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