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Georgia Strait Poker Run September 16 1800-2100z

Brad Crockett

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Georgia Strait Poker Run September 16 1800-2100z




The Georgia Strait Poker Run will go again this fall!


Connect online at any of the five airports:

  • CYXX - Abbotsford
  • CZBB - Boundary Bay
  • CYNJ - Langley
  • CYPK - Pitt Meadows
  • CYVR - Vancouver


At 1800z or later, call Poker Terminal on 133.10 to get your first card.


Switch to regular ATC and fly to your next airport.


After you're parked and finished with regular ATC, switch back to 133.10 for you next card.


Repeat until you've collected one card at each of the five airports.


No more cards will be handed out after 2100z.


Fly the legs in any order you wish.


Best poker hand gets bragging rights! At the June event, we went through more than one deck. 914194 landed at CZBB at 1758Z with the second King of diamonds drawn during the event. He had three Kings. Second place was a pair of 6s, so 914194 would have won even if late to land.



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In the face of marginal VFR, pilots braved the elements and the odds and came out to fly. A couple were quite new to Vatsim, including our winner, 1434551 with two pair:


CYVR: Ace of Clubs

CZBB: King of Clubs

CYNJ: Ace of Spades

CYPK: King of Spades

CYXX: 8 of Diamonds


Runners up were 1395189 (pair of Queens) and 1415271 (pair of 7s).


The Vancouver FIR would like to thank CZEG FIR Chief Owen Kane for helping us provide ATC to all 5 airports.

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