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CTP Voting: Now Open!

Nathan Power

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It's that time of year again!


Today, VATSIM has enabled ctp.vatsim.net to accept applications for the next installment of Cross the Pond Eastbound 2018, on Saturday, October 27th! This means it's time for applications!


Details from VATSIM:


VATSIM is now inviting applications from candidate airfields from North America (departures) and Europe (arrivals). Following shortlisting, these airfields will be presented for public voting to determine the routes for the upcoming event. We especially invite airfields to apply who have not partaken in the event during the last three years, as we are hoping to diversify our offerings to pilots during this iteration.


We consider airfields that are within 2000 nm of latitude 50'N, longitude 040'W to be within range of suitability for this event, and we will consider adding *one* airfield between 2000 and 2500 nm to this iteration of the event (thus extending the possible airfields who can partake further).


Please note that airfield applications must be made by an approved member of divisional, ARTCC or vACC staff. Applications from the general public are not accepted, as there is a considerable commitment to partaking in this event. By making an application, you confirm that you have controllers capable of staffing the airfield concerned and its surrounding positions, as well as committing to joining the pre-planning meetings in the run up to the event, and the routes planning meeting on the Friday night prior to the event.


The closing date for applications is Wednesday 3rd October at 2359z.



If you require more information, contact a member of the Cross the Pond planning team.

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