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[21 December 2018 2359Z - 0430Z] Northeastern Holidays FNO

Jeremy Peterson

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Event Description

If you are a fan of wintry holidays (or even if you aren't), come fly into the Northeast during our combined FNO, featuring New York LaGuardia (LGA), Boston Logan (BOS), and all three of the Washington Metro airports (IAD, DCA, & BWI)! TMU will be active and the East Coast Hotline will be activated if conditions require it (e.g., weather impacts, excessive volume, reroutes).



East Coast Hotline

Briefing Information

In order to facilitate appropriate coordination between ARTCCs, ZNY will host a briefing on the NY Metro Hotline at 2230Z on Friday. I intend on keeping it quick enough to allow local ARTCCs to hold their own briefings amongst their facilities.


ZNY, ZBW, ZDC, ZOB, ZTL (for anticipated traffic), ZID, CZY (for anticipated traffic), ZAU (for anticipated traffic); N90, A80 (for anticipated traffic), A90, PCT, PHL TRACON, CLT TRACON (for anticipated traffic); and IAD, BWI, DCA, LGA, and BOS towers are strongly encouraged to join. All other facilities are invited to attend as well.

Jeremy Peterson (HP)

vATCSCC National Operations Manager


ZNY Events Coordinator


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