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[VACANCY] VATCAN Communications & Events Director, VATCAN5

Nathan Power

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POSITION VACANCY: VATCAN Communications & Events Director (VATCAN5)


VATCAN is now accepting applications for the position of Communications and Events Director. VATCAN wants a professional, enthusiastic and innovative individual to work on our executive team. We’re looking for a team player who can also be a great ambassador for VATCAN in and outside the division. Reporting directly to the Division Director, the successful candidate will play an integral part in building and maintaining an annual plan for the division while also executing daily promo and events work alongside a positive, creative team.


POSITION: Communications and Events Director (VATCAN5)




RESPONSIBLE FOR: Handling of VATCAN's events and multiple forms of communications, as well as (but not limited to) the following:


- Undertaking public relations duties on behalf of VATCAN by providing communications and news releases to media and various flight simulation related entities

- Promoting VATCAN and informing members of various VATCAN activities through the VATCAN website, VATCAN official forums and official VATCAN Social Media accounts

- Developing, directs and uses a communications and social media strategy to channel information to members and the flight simulation community

- Identifying and develops events to generate traffic and to promote the Division.

- Implementing and overseeing approved events.

- Coordinating with neighboring ARTCCs to arrange support for VATCAN hosted events, and arranges VATCAN support for neighboring events.

- Developing and distributing marketing material (graphics, news posts, forum posts, etc) to promote events to the appropriate staff members.

- Maintaining relationships with virtual airlines, coordinates support for VA hosted events operating in VATCAN airspace.

- Working with FIR Staff to provide support when necessary.

- Additional duties as assigned.


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The successful applicant should meet the following minimum standards:


- Be a member of good standing in VATCAN for more than one year at the time of application.

- Demonstrated ability to make and keep commitments.

- Expectation of availability to attend all scheduled meetings for the duration of the meeting and engage daily in email and voice communications with other VATCAN executive members.

- Real world credentials and experience in internet, social media, and print/radio/video production processes.

- Be able to work effectively and build relationships within a volunteer organization.

- Demonstrated skills in communications and marketing tools mainly but not exclusively within an internet community.


Please e-mail your application, along with a cover letter addressing how you meet the requirements, along with any background and skills that may apply, to vatcan1[at]vatcan.ca by 23:59z Friday January 5, 2019 for consideration!

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