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Northeastern Corridor 2019 [08FEB 2359-0500z]

Jeff McMillan

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The New York, Boston, and Washington ARTCCs are once again teaming up to bring you an FNO like no other! They will be lighting up the Northeastern United States, renowned for it's busy airline commuter and business service, and bringing service to three of the major metropolitan airports of the area: Boston (KBOS), Newark (KEWR) and Washington-National (KDCA). They are welcoming all pilots and aircraft to come and join them for this chance to fly with ATC service in one of the most busy and congested air spaces in the country!


Let's help support them by ensuring CZQM is lit up! Lots of Canadian Pilots love flying down there and we can get a chunk of the action too!


Further details can be found here:


Jeff McMillan (1275572)

CZQM C1 Controller


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Greetings all,


ZNY will be hosting a brief operations telcon on the NY Metro Hotline on Friday, 8 Feb at 2300Z. CZY is encouraged to join, all other facilities and participants are welcome as well.


Routes have been published as well, otherwise use preferred routes! Check them out on the VATUSA forums.

Jeremy Peterson (HP)

vATCSCC National Operations Manager


ZNY Events Coordinator


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