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WANTED: Enroute Controllers for CTP 2019 Westbound (Mar 30 2019)

Rob Nabieszko

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On March 30, VATSIM will be hosting the next edition of Cross The Pond Westbound.


While final destinations have not been selected, overflights invariably occur through the Moncton and Montreal FIRs. We need as many enroute controllers as we can find to handle the torrent of flights through this airspace.


If you are a C1 (or higher) rated controller (and not already a member of the Moncton or Montreal FIR) ...

[move]WE WANT YOU![/move]


We need as many qualified enroute controllers as we can get to help provide enroute service through these FIRs.


But what if my own FIR needs me for Cross the Pond?

The airports for CTP have not been announced yet. Contacting us and expressing interest is not a commitment at this point. Obviously, if your home FIR needs your services, please help them out. But we are looking for experienced members of CZVR, CZEG, CZWG, and CZYZ who are interested in volunteering their time in case their FIR is not directly impacted by CTP.


Who do I contact?

For now, please contact Travis Chan ( vatcan2 - vatcan - ca ) to add your name to our list. He will compile a list of possible controllers and link them with the resources they need.


Do I need to be knowledgeable about Moncton/Montreal?

Local knowledge is NOT required, as you will only be handling overflights through this airspace. We will provide necessary sector files. We also hope to provide some practice time online in the given sectors prior to CTP day to learn the local area, including frequencies and procedures.


All we need is skilled and willing (and patient) enroute controllers. And of course, you need to be available on March 30 from around 14z-20z (or any portion thereof).


Thanks in advance to all volunteers!

Rob Nabieszko


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This is the first I’ve actually heard of VATUSA’s ACE so thanks for making me aware of them. At this moment I’m confident we will have the staff necessary within VATCAN to staff our positions. 


I think a similar team within VATCAN could be very useful and it’s something I’m going to explore.

Travis Chan (1402756)

Deputy Division Director



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