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[OTS] DoubleHeader: Tyler Birch S2 & Steven Attfield S3 - Thursday March 28th


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Presenting an OTS Double Header - Join us for Tyler Birch's and Steven Attfield's OTS  where they will try to earn their S2 and S3 ratings respectively


Where: Calgary Tower (CYYC_TWR) and Calgary Approach CYYC_APP


Tyler - Thursday March 28th at 7:00 PM MDT, 9:00 PM EST, 0100Z (Fri)

Steven - Thursday March 28th at 6:00 PM MDT, 8:00 PM EST, 0001Z (Fri) 


Come fly in, out, or all around Calgary (CYYC) to help both these controllers EARN their S2 and S3 rating. Remember(Springbank (CYBW) is also fair game)


Good luck to both Tyler and Steven!

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