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VATCAN1 Resignation

Nathan Power

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After deep consideration, and input from many trusted members of the VATSIM community, it is with some sadness, and also pride, that I announce my resignation from the position of the VATCAN Division Director.


While in this position, I learned quickly that there are waves to this job. You can have a month with nothing, and then a week with hundreds of emails flooding your inbox. Unfortunately, sometimes, real life took a priority, and I am confident that the requirements to this position will outweigh the time I have available to dedicate to the position.


With that being said - I am also excited to details my plans for my future within the division. For the time being, I intend to fill the still open Winnipeg FIR Chief position, on an interim basis. I was a part of this FIR for quite some time in the past, and I am excited to return to the FIR, where I believe I will have more time to manage the job with my current availability.


To those who continued to support myself and my team while I was in my position, I can never thank you enough - your kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness was, and is appreciated.


To the staff of VATCAN - the Executive Team, FIR Staff, and the CANHelp team - you are what keeps this division moving. Your ideas, creativity and hard work continues to inspire and motivate me. I continue to look forward to working with all of you in harmony moving forward.


This division, and the amazing people in it, have done so much for me in the nearly half a decade I have been a part of this community - and I can hardly wait to see what the future holds for VATCAN.


In the meantime, Travis Chan, formerly the VATCAN Deputy Division Director, will take on the VATCAN1 position on an interim basis.


Nate Power


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As sad as it is to see you go.  Clearly you have put some thought into the decision and it's the right decision for you.


You know, long experience in this hobby has taught me that sometimes, the hardest thing to do is bow out.  Recognizing this hobby of ours demands more time than we are able/willing to give is a key skill and stepping away from something you strove for can be hard to do.  And however long it takes, it takes a good person to put the needs of the whole before themselves.  So well done!


I am very happy to see you are going to slide over to Winnipeg, there is an FIR with all the potential in the world and you have now a more time appropriate relatively blank slate to guide and mould into another incredible, successful Canadian FIR!  Good for Winnipeg!


I will look forwards to continuing to work with you and see Winnipeg go from strength to strength under your tenure!


Phil Dowling  (813710)
VATCAN Division Director

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Nate, thank you for everything you did as VATCAN1, including ‘rebranding’ Welcome Team to CANhelp and clarifying the purpose of CANhelp for everyone. Best of luck in Winnipeg, and I look forward to continuing to work with you.

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Without reiterating everything Phil said, thanks for always being there to help support any initiative we had to drive. When we suggested changes you were always open to the recommendations and were quick to support them recognizing they were to the benefit of the division. Stepping up and volunteering to move a division isn't easy and for that I thank you.


Fortunately we will still be working together but in another capacity. I look forward to helping you in your new challenge of regrowing Winnipeg's FIR.

Travis Chan (1402756)

Deputy Division Director



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I am saddened to hear of your resignation as VATCAN1. I will always remember the kindness of your actions in regard to members of this division within the past 9-10 months, as well as the kindness that you showed to me within the past two months. By helping me resolve issues that I had with different aspects of VATCAN, you restored my faith in VATCAN.


I had the gut feeling you would choose to bow out of the position due to time constraints, as mentioned to you a day or two ago. As such, the VATCAN Executive Team has lost a great and generous person and I am sure that you will be missed by members of the division. I am happy though, that you are moving down to the CZWG FIR as FIR Chief. This place in particular has been lacking in the division for quite some time, and I cannot wait to see what you have in store.


To Travis, I wish you luck in the interim management of the division. I wonder what you have in store........ ;)

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Thank you for your service Nate. I think few realize how much work goes on behind the scenes in these roles.


I wish you best of luck with restarting Winnipeg's controller flow, and I stand ready to support you as best I can in your new role!



Rob Nabieszko


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