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URGENT - VATCAN email clean-up

Travis Chan

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In an effort to clean our mail server, VATCAN will be going through the process of removing old email accounts from members that no longer qualify for a VATCAN domain email. To qualify for a vatcan.ca email you must meet the following requirements:


1) Be a current active staff member of the VATCAN executive team or a member of CANHELP (emeritus honourary members are excluded from this requirement)


2) Be an existing FIR staff member in one the following positions:

  a) FIR Chief

  b) Deputy Chief

  c) Chief Instructor

  d) Events Coordinator




If you do not meet these requirements please ensure you backup all necessary emails before April 30th, 23:49z. On May 1st we will be deleting emails that do not qualify for an account and we will not be able to recover any lost emails. It is imperative you backup any important emails before that date.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach me at travis.chan@vatcan.ca


Travis Chan (1402756)

Deputy Division Director



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