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VATCAN Communications & Events Director, VATCAN5 - Appointment

Phil Dowling

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One of my first priorities on taking this role was to resolve the role of VATCAN5.


To that end, myself and Travis have reviewed the applicants for this position.  We had a number of highly qualified and excellent applicants, thank you all for applying.


We have approached Jeff McMillan to take the role of VATCAN5 and he has accepted.


Jeff brings with him a wealth of experience in event co-ordination and communications.  He is extremely adept with social media channels and using them to their best effect.  We look forwards to working with Jeff in his new role to take our events to the next level.


So it is my great pleasure to appoint Mr Jeff McMillan to the role of VATCAN5.


Please join me in congratulating Jeff in his new role in VATCAN!

Phil Dowling  (813710)
VATCAN Division Director

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