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VATCAN featured on Live Stream

Jeff McMillan

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Flightdeck2sim hosted this 2nd ever live stream outside of Europe in CANADA. His flight between Calgary and Vancouver was to take place during the “Cross the Rockies†event however due to technical difficulties it was delayed to the following day. The stream also included the updated beta release of ZIBO MOD 737 which drew in additional attention.


Special shout out to CZVR controllers who were online for this stream. Way to represent VATCAN.


Flightdeck2sim is a YOUTUBE streamer with around 30,000 subscribers who flies the 737 real-world and on both P3D & XPLANE.  Flightdeck2sim was avid flight simmer in his youth and now a Captain on the 737NG. He is also a qualified TRI having instructed in a Full Motion Level D sim for a European Airline. He has logged 4500 hours on the 737 (the real one) and operates from an Airport in the UK. His channel aims to provide realistic, informative and useful information to help you enhance your flight simulation experience.


Recorded Live Stream (CYYC-CYVR):


Flightdeck2sim YouTube Page:





Jeff McMillan (1275572)

CZQM C1 Controller


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