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LAST CHANCE: VATCAN Communication & Social Media Survey

Jeff McMillan

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Reminder for folks who have not completed the VATCAN Communication/Social Media Survey that today is the last day. The Chiefs + VATCAN staff are meeting this week to review and make a decision on the communications plan for the future.



Hello VATSIM Controllers


We are excited to ask for your participation in our Communication & Social Media Survey.


Click here to complete the survey now! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VTGF8QZ


This survey will give us information and better knowledge on your needs and requested methods for communication in order to ensure that we are delivering clear communications through the most effective methods. It should also help us to understand future communication and social media trends of our membership to ensure we are staying current. As you may be aware, as new generations enter our membership, we need to adjust our approach to ensure all generations continue to be engaged by our efforts towards this hobby.


All survey responses are anonymous. The due date to complete this survey is June 15, 2019.



Should you need further information or have questions about this survey, please contact me directly or reply to this forum post.


Thank you

Jeff McMillan (1275572)

CZQM C1 Controller


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