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[14 SEP 2019, 23Z - 03Z] Retro NY Fly-in

Jeremy Peterson

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Bring your L1011s, Connies, Boeing 747-200s, and the like to Kennedy (JFK) as we retroactively commemorate the opening of the new TWA Hotel!


Route information:

If you will be flying an aircraft into/out of N90 that meets any of the following navigational/equipment criteria, please file “RQST TMU APVL†in the “Remarks†section of your flight plan and expect TMU to process your flight plan before you depart (the alternative being controllers passing along your flight plan while you sit on the ground, waiting for TMU to find it):

[*]AIRAC cycle prior to 1701 (January 2017)

[*]Non-RNAV capable (any suffix other than /C /G /I /L /S /V /Y /Z)

[*]Unable to find ANY of the N90 departure fixes in your FMC/FMS database (N90 Preferred Departure Gate Diagram)

[*]Unable to fly ANY preferred or previously filed flight plan (utilizing PRD and FlightAware IFR Route Analyzer)

[*]Plan on filing a known historical flight plan route which cannot be found in current flight plan databases.

By filing this note in your remarks, TMU can silently approve flight plan amendment requests and get you off the ground more quickly!


Parking information:

If you know your parking location, please include the following information in your “Remarks†section of your flight plan:


[*]Taxiway entrance to enter the ramp.

If you do not know your parking location, after landing, exit the runway immediately. During busy periods, it is more important to CLEAR THE RUNWAY than it is to receive taxi instructions. For JFK, the rule is as follows: taxi CLOCKWISE on Alpha and COUNTERCLOCKWISE on Bravo.

Jeremy Peterson (HP)

vATCSCC National Operations Manager


ZNY Events Coordinator


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