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Moncton/Gander Domestic FIR Chief competition

Jim Allan

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Reason for Competition

As of 31 Aug 2019, the current Moncton/Gander Domestic FIR chief will be stepping down.  This competition will determine the best replacement.



Dates of Competition

Starting 27 Aug 2019 thru 3 Sept 2019, applications will be accepted through firchief@czqm.ca.  Vetting and interviews (if required) will be 3 Sept 2019 thru 7 Sept 2019, with the final decision: 9 Sept 2019.



Decision Board




Expected duties of FIR Chief

As the FIR Chief, you will be the direct link between VATCAN and the FIR members.  You will also be responsible for setting the tempo of the FIR, enlisting the strengths of the Senior Staff: Deputy Chief, Chief Instructor, Events Coordinator and Facility Engineer. You should expect to dedicate a minimum of 15 hours to the administration of the FIR.  Attend quarterly National FIR chief meetings.  Act as liaison to National HQ for matters regarding CZQM.



Expected Strengths

A minimum of C1 is required for this position, however an I1 would be beneficial.  Having performed a senior staff position in any FIR/ARTCC.  Be able to lead by example.  Be able to mediate personal conflicts between members/staff/pilots.  Be able to use Regional/National/VATSIM resources when applicable. 



How to Apply

In a 3-6 paragraph text, indicate how you would be the best fit to become the next FIR Chief, include all experiences with in the Sim community, and any real-life roll-over qualifications.  Please indicate in what direction you would like to take CZQM in the future, and how you would expect to do so. 



We appreciate all those who apply.  Only those chosen to be suitable will be contacted for further consideration.


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