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Audio for VATSIM Live October 14th!

Phil Dowling

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Hi Everyone


As you may have seen from your email or from the VATSIM site, AFV (Audio for VATSIM) will be launching on October 14th.


I would like to point you to some resources for information around this wonderful development.








In the first link you will notice some links for support forums and also a discord server.  Please have a careful read through these if you encounter issues. 


While many details are still underway, I am sure there will be a number of divisional staff and FIR staff who will be able to assist during the launch if you encounter issues. 


As many of you who have been in the beta will already know, and for anyone who has not been in the beta.  This represents a year of concerted effort by a large number of folks led by Gary Oliver on the Development team, Matthew Cianfarani and his network team and a host of other folks (who I will not attempt to name) who have put in some serious hours in getting this huge development to us.  All of which deserve our most sincere thanks and efforts.  So please make use of these resources, read up on what is needed for the transition from your part.  If you need any help please let your FIR or Divisional staff know and we will be happy to help!


More information will be incoming, I am sure, as the date approaches and I look forwards to hearing you all, with remarkable clarity and realism, in the very near future!



Phil Dowling  (813710)
VATCAN Division Director

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Further to the release news, the team working on it wanted this information disseminated down to members:


Due to several technical and procedural issues that cannot be solved before launch we have had to make ta decision to simplify things before launch. Pseudo positions will not be injected into FSD at launch. Although the AFV-VCSS panel will allow controllers to monitor and transmit on different frequencies, additional positions will not be visible to other controllers or pilot clients. Wed advise larger sectors to use the simplex coupling mode/Single Frequency Coupling Mode to operate many transceivers on a single frequency


AFC does not have a capability to work with sweatbox, we therefore advise sweatbox sessions take place on teamspeak or another medium as seem to be the norm for a lot of sweatbox sessions nowadays anyway

Travis Chan (1402756)

Deputy Division Director



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