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Phil Dowling

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Hellloooooo VATCAN!!!


I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation and congratulations to everyone that was involved in CTP on Saturday.  For many, it was a long, difficult and yet in so many ways, fun day! 


It is always fun to arrange these events and to take part in them.  However, it's also clear, they can be difficult to manage and organise.  Not only for the event organisers but also for each and every FIR that sits between the departure point and the arrival point.  While some seem to enjoy jumping to social media to complain and whine about the rights and wrongs of this, that or the other, the reality is everyone did their very best and put the time and effort to do their best.  Remembering this is a hobby, that is all anyone can ask and THAT is where we must focus.


I look around at the FIRs that were involved.  Moncton, who got quite literally hammered.  Oceanic who was overwhelmed with traffic.  Toronto who got hit hard also with inbounds and overflights.  Winnipeg, Montreal and Edmonton who dealt with a huge number of overflights adroitly and (in Owen's case) panache!  I have to say I am immensely proud of what we all achieved.


I think it is fair to say, there were enough challenges this time that I am certain much thought will go into the next event of this nature and I can assure all that the VATCAN execs will be pushing to be part of those conversations and help assist in improving the next iteration.


Lastly but by no means least. From my perspective, short of one small hiccup, the technical side of the event was flawless.  So I want to extent my admiration and thanks to Matt Cianfarani and his team for keeping the network and infrastructure duct taped together!  Aidan Stevens for holding the various web tools together!  And Gary Oliver and the whole AFV team who have transformed the voice experience for us all!  In my case, I am no longer getting offers of a new Mic.  Now I have elevated to FB posts asking me if I need some honey in my tea for my sore throat!  THAT'S REAL PROGRESS! ;)  J/K Gary, AFV is a wonder and has improved everyone's experience of this fantastic hobby!  These guys and their teams all work in the back room and rarely get to actually control or enjoy these events, so they truly deserve our thanks!


So, to all of you, thank you again for your time, your energy and your efforts.  I am sure we shall see more events in the near future of both a local, North America and global nature and I have confidence each of them will be executed with excellence.  (Panache lessons are available from Owen for a small fee ;)).


Thanks all!

Phil Dowling  (813710)
VATCAN Division Director

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I have to agree with all of that Phil. And I absolutely agree kudos are due to the network and technical teams.


I believe all of us were expecting some form of server issues and things were pretty flawless from that perspective.

Dean Roy
FIR Chief
Toronto FIR (CZYZ)
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Was definitely a good experience for the Winnipeg controllers who hadn't had a chance to experience that kind of workload before. A job well-done by all VATCAN's controllers and indeed a big high-five to the team that kept the network up!

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