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VATCAN Discord Server - Public release

Travis Chan

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VATCAN has been testing a Discord server for some time with our staff members and we're now ready to open it to our controlling VATCAN members!


Some important notes about this server:

  • Joining Discord is completely optional and is there to allow our members to connect in another way. Important announcements including events must continue to be posted to the VATCAN forums so they remain accessible to everyone.
  • The VATCAN Discord is subject to all VATSIM CoC rules and regulations.
  • You will need to link your VATSIM CID to your Discord account from the VATCAN website to setup your permissions.


To start using Discord follow these steps:


1) Download and setup the app from https://discordapp.com/download. The app is available for most popular OS's.

2) Connect your VATSIM CID to Discord by modifying your profile in the vatcan.ca website My VATCAN>Profile or clicking here: https://www.vatcan.ca/my/profile. (You can also set your email subscription preferences here!)

3) Click the blue Join Discord button to start linking your CID to Discord.

4) Click the Discord Accept Invite button to the VATCAN Discord server.

5) In the VATCAN Discord server, go to the channel #verification by clicking on the channel name. If you don't see the channel initially after logging in, it should become visible within 5 minutes.

6) To start the verification process type "-verify" (without the quotation marks). The verification process will take a few minutes to complete so please be patient.

7) Enjoy Discord!


Phil and I want to thank all the FIR staff members who tested the server and give a special thanks to Jeff McMillan and Jordan Jolenaar that helped create and setup the server.


Travis Chan (1402756)

Deputy Division Director



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