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Moncton Triangle [6/08]

Jagard Strong

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What do you get when you have some bored controllers... Events. This impromptu event will have you flying quick short routes for a chance to earn some sim cash for that new addon you've wanted.


Fly between any of these airports to enter for a chance to earn 1 of 3 €10 SimMarket gift vouchers donated by our own members.


Pilot's can depart any of the 3 listed airports to start and can do more than one leg to increase the odds of winning. Once at the destination airport and parked pilots should then contact the events controller for their entry code. Just like getting fuel, it is the pilot's responsibility to ensure they get their code. They should then record it. Codes will be sent via PM to avoid other pilots copying down their code.


Once you are satisfied with the flights you then need to email Events@czqm.ca with your codes, VATSIM ID and First name. The Subject line should be: Moncton Triangle Entry  The winners will be chosen and contacted via the email received. 


*Event Frequency: CZQM_E_CTR [132.750]*

*odds of winning depend on total entries*

*No time acceleration permitted *

* A leg counts as 1 Takeoff | 1 Landing *

*VFR and IFR flight plans should be filled*

*Only flights starting & ending at the 3 listed airports (CYHZ | CYQM | CYFC) qualify*


Moncton FIR

Deputy Chief 

Email: deputychief@czqm.ca



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