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[September 8th, 2020] 2300Z-0200Z - Montreal Monthly: Montreal-Boston Crossfire

Michel Robichaud

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The third edition of the "Montreal Monthly" featuring Montreal-Trudeau (CYUL) and Boston-Logan (KBOS), will take place on Tuesday September 8th, between 1900 and 2200 EDT (2300Z - 0200Z).


Bring your favorite aircraft and enjoy complete and professional ATC service from start to end!


Routing information:


  • CYUL - KBOS (Jets): WARDS ENE OOSHN5 (284 nm)
  • CYUL - KBOS (Non Jets): WARDS PSM STEVO LWM (237 nm)
  • KBOS - CYUL (Jets): HYLND5 HYLND PBERG CARTR3 (244 nm)
  • KBOS - CYUL (Non Jets): LOGAN2 HYLND PBERG CARTR3 (244 nm)


Hope to see you there,




Michel Robichaud (1423228)
Instructor - Montreal FIR


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