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CZQM Event Coordinator Appointment

Mark Walsh

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In late June / early July, Jagard Strong had announced his resignation as the Event Coordinator for the Moncton / Gander FIR.  Jagard had agreed to stay on as the EC until a new coordinator could be found and trained into the position.  With this, I thank Jagard for his dedication, commitment, creativity and real-world knowledge in implementing events within the FIR.  Jagard is a strong asset that will be missed, however I'm sure we can still lean on him from time to time.


I am pleased to announce that Jack Koskie has been picked as our new Event Coordinator.  There were a number of people interested in the position, all with great attributes and communication skills. Although Jack has been appointed as the new EC, we will still be relying on some of our senior members to be the go-to person for some of our larger events. Jack has a responsibility to become creative with some graphic images for our social mediums and present these ideas to staff/membership.  We have determined that social media creativity with graphic design is a strong attribute for this position.  Jack is the contact person for event solicitation(s) from other participating FIRs and VAs.  Jack is still a student in training and a student in school, however he will benefit from all of our experience(s) and our leadership.  We will in turn, benefit from Jack's creativity and dedication.


Congratulations Jack on your appointment and thank-you for your acceptance.


Mark Walsh




Mark Walsh (1228495)
Vatcan Deputy Division Director

Web: vatcan.ca
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VATCAN
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vatcan.ca

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