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Northern Lites Event - Chinook Circuit - Oct 22, 2020 23:00z


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Welcome to the Peace River Valley, we invite you Fly the Chinook Circuit - the Perfect VFR Experience between 3 airports all spaced at approximately 100 nautical miles. In the real world, ATC Services at Fort St John, Peace River and Grand Prairie consist of advisory services to pilots such as relayed IFR ATC clearances, weather, suggested runways, taxiways and circuit traffic information. Except for the flight clearances, advisory services provided by Flight Service Specialists (FSS) are just that. FSS specialists do not control aircraft; they may offer suggestions; it is the ultimate responsibility of the pilot to take the advice or not.


At Fort St John, Grand Prairie and Peace River FSS Advisory Services will continue to be the only ATC service available, which should prove interesting. Pilots and Controllers interested in the procedures and phraseology to expect from FSS Radio should read and understand pages 50 through 56 of the Nav Canada VFR Booklet available here - https://www.navcanada.ca/en/media/publications/vfr phraseology.pdf


The area in, around and between the three airports consists of rolling hills, farmland, the magnificent Peace and Smokey river valleys. The VFR flight between either Fort St John and Peace River allows you to follow the meandering Peace River as it snakes its way through farmland and rolling hills. North of Grand Praire. Second and not least the Smokey River flows slowly south between Peace River and Grande Prairie. Look closely, and you see the direct flight paths between the airports forms a triangle. In the middle of that triangle, you'll find one of Alberta's many Oil Patches with a significant number of "NODDING DONKEYS", Pump Jacks or Oil Pumps scattered throughout. You'll find lots of POI to see, experience and explore.


In addition to local ATC, we will also have a centre or two online to provide flight following should you require. Keep in mind our controllers will frequently be online at the three airports during non-event times, providing advisory FSS ATC services only. For more information check out our website at  https://czeg.ca/events/fly-the-chinook-circuit/

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