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Cross the Rockies CYVR-CYYC 17 Jan 2021 1700-2200z

Brad Crockett

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Pilots are invited to fly either direction between Vancouver and Calgary during the Rockies Crossfire on Sunday January 17, 2020 1700-2200z.


Into Calgary (CYYC), aircraft flying at or above FL180 should include MENBO Q983 IGVEP in their route. IFR at 18,000' or below, include MENBO T703 IGVEP. Use the VESGA (props) or IGVEP (jets) arrivals.


IFR into Vancouver (CYVR), jets and the DH8D include BOOTH and the CANUC arrival. Props (but not the Q400) route via BOOTH and the LIONN arrival.


And of course, VFR flights are encouraged!

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