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[OTS] Thomas Smith - CYEG TWR (S2)

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Join the CZEG FIR and help Thomas Smith earn his S2 rating on CYEG TWR!  It all takes place on February 14th between 2100z - 2300z (February 14th 1600 - 1800EST). Fly in and out of CYEG where all IFR and VFR traffic is welcomed and encouraged!


Best of luck Thomas!

Josh Perry
FIR Chief
Toronto FIR (CZYZ)
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You've got this, Thomas. Every time I have had the pleasure of flying into or out of CYEG you as well as all of the other controllers have always done an outstanding job.


I will do my best to fly into our out of CYEG on Sunday help you with something I believe you have demonstrated time and time again as already having the skill set, your S2 rating.


Jeff Bishop

Phoenix Air 6892

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