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CZYZ Chief Appointment

Phil Dowling

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I am pleased to report that I have today, appointed a new Toronto FIR Chief.


I'd firstly like to thank all that applied for this post.  There was a strong turnout which, of course, made myself and the teams job exceptionally difficult, which is always a good thing!  Thank you all!


Also I would like to thank the interview group of Rob, Travis and Graham.  Who were exceptional with their insights and thoughts.


Lastly, the bit you're waiting for.  I am pleased to announce that Josh Perry will be the new Toronto FIR Chief.


Josh comes back to Toronto after a 1.5 (or thereabouts) year "vacation" in Edmonton, where he has been helping out the folks there.  By all reports, he was a terrible tyrant and they are happy to be rid of him (just kidding ;)).  Josh has gained some exceptional experience while with our friends in Edmonton and no doubt learned some new tricks.


I believe Josh will bring to Toronto some interesting, fresh ideas which will help Toronto progress and continue onwards and upwards.


Please join me in welcoming Josh back to the "Toronto Fold"!



Phil Dowling  (813710)
VATCAN Division Director

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