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Phil Dowling

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Evolution and progression is one of those facts of life, but sometimes there is a little sadness with that evolution.  As we are now at another evolution.


I have accepted the resignation of Owen Kane from the Edmonton FIR Chief role.  Owen is leaving us due to health concerns and some rest. 


Owen has tirelessly worked in/on Edmonton for several years and I can attest as many can, that he has put his heart and soul into the FIR in that time.


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Owen for his tireless efforts and wish him the very best in health and happiness for the future.  I am sure, once some rest has been had, we shall see Owen on the network from time to time.



PS..Apologies for those who saw the initial post of this.  My new kitten decided she had superior writing skills to me ;)


Phil Dowling  (813710)
VATCAN Division Director

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Thank you so much Owen for everything you have done for Edmonton. 

Your passion for the FIR was outstanding to watch in the lead up to last year's Eastbound CTP. 


I also promise to never sequence a C172 to Base/Final in front of Phil again while he is on a 5 mile final! 


All the best! 

Cody Newman (1442820)
VATCAN Director of Training (VATCAN3) 


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When I started with VATCAN in 2018, I was one of only a few students in Edmonton. Owen took me under his wing as a mentor, showing me the do's and don'ts of VATSIM. Although we occasionally had our differences, he showed firm leadership in rebuilding the Edmonton FIR from the ashes.


Although I have since moved on from Edmonton, I know he will be missed for his near-infinite wisdom, his corny boomer humour, and the long stories he would tell in TS.


Best wishes and happy retirement!


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