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Version 2.0.1

Jordan Jolenaar

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Version 2.0.1:

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed validation on exams, users can no longer take exams that don't have options for multiple choice questions.
  • Fixed training notes not showing whitespace (any notes that were posted before this update that had line breaks should show normally)
  • Exams (in the exam management page) will now be sorted by FIR.
  • Documents will now be sorted by FIR.
  • Fixed Navbar "About Us" page not having a link.
  • Changed Exam Question Textbox to a text area (more width).



  • Members who self-assign the Basic ATC Exam will be automatically moved from CZZZ (Inactive Members) to CZAE (Academy).



Jordan Jolenaar (1429747)
VATCAN Web Development Director


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